Billionaire God of War Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359

Ethan was here!

Brother Geoff and the wolves were immediately confident again once they saw Ethan standing before them.

These mercenary soldiers were seriously strong and that surprised the wolves. If they really fought to the bitter end, these soldiers might die, but so would many of the wolves.

But now that Ethan was here, everything had changed.

“He’s broken three of my bones!”

Brother Geoff touched his own chest bone and bared his teeth. “I want to make him pay ten times over!”

The moment Brother Geoff said the word, Ethan made his move.

Butcher didn’t even have time to figure out who this person who had appeared from nowhere was before a black shadow instantly came towards him.

“You’re overestimating yourself!” But just after he said that, his expression changed dramatically. “This guy moves so quickly!”

Ethan was already in front of him!

Butcher scoffed coldly. So what if this guy was fast?

He had seen his fair share of quick opponents, but they all turned out to be trash. They couldn’t even break through his defenses, so what was the use in being fast?


Ethan’s fist was on its way!

This punch looked very slow and even seemed like it was being delivered in slow motion. Yet it exploded in an instant and slammed hard into Butcher’s chest.

Butcher immediately yelled out as a loud blast was heard. His body that weighed more than 100 kilograms went flying out instantly.

“First one!” Ethan’s voice was ear deafening.

But he was nowhere to be seen.

He was too fast!

Butcher looked up after he landed and his face was filled with fear and shock. How could someone be this strong?

One punch was all it took to break his bones!

“Who on earth are you…” he yelled as he slammed his palm against the floor to get up. But while he was still getting up, that figure came towards him again.

One punch!

It was always just one punch!

It smashed right into his chest again.

Another bone broke with a crisp sound.

“Second one!”

Butcher paled as he suddenly realized that it wasn’t that Ethan’s punch was hard enough to break his bones. Ethan was purposely attacking him in such a way that it broke his bones!

Butcher went into a panic.

But there was nothing he could do about it.

He could only hear Ethan counting away and watched as this figure came towards him again and again at the speed of lightning. He wasn’t in time to defend himself at all.

He just felt yet another bone break with a loud crack!

In less than ten seconds, Butcher was on the ground and his entire face was pale.

He clutched his chest tightly and grit his teeth hard as large beads of perspiration rolled down his forehead.

It was only now that he got to see exactly what Ethan looked like!

“Who…who on earth are you?!” He clenched his teeth and barely managed to stand as he panted heavily.

“Remember, my name is Ethan. When you go down to hell, you’d find at least 10,000 people down there that know who I am.”

Ethan stared at Butcher and scoffed. “Mercenary soldiers. It’s been some years since I killed some.”

His gaze instantly turned cold.

“You hurt my folks, so I’m going to make you pay ten times or even a hundred times over!” roared Ethan as he suddenly unleashed a terrifying aura.

Even the wolves could feel everything within them surge and it felt like an energy was going to shoot out from their heads from the pressure.

Ethan made his move!

He ran towards the mercenary soldiers like a ferocious dragon.

“Kill him!” roared Butcher loudly while he took several steps back himself.

This man…was too frightening!

His strength was so well controlled and he could sense that every one of the ten bones that Ethan broke were broken in the exact same place and same way.

How could any ordinary person be able to control his strength and accuracy so well?

Ethan reached the mercenaries and it seemed more like the ten odd soldiers were surrounded by him alone.


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