Billionaire God of War Chapter 1363

Chapter 1363

Dawson turned and walked out.

“Since you’ve sent yourself here to die, then don’t blame me for getting nasty!”

He was worried earlier that Ethan might not dare to come or that he might go into hiding. But since Ethan had come knocking on his doorstep, then he was going to use this chance to kill Ethan and prove his worth to the L’Oreal family!

At the same time.

Ethan sent one person flying with every kick and his expression was calm. “I’m here to get my child back! Whoever blocks my way shall die!”

What a legitimate reason.

He was here to get back at those who took his child away! He was going to avenge his child!

“Stop him…”

Dawson came running out and shouted, but before he could finish shouting the rest of his sentence, his throat suddenly got stuck and he couldn’t utter a single sound.

There were a few dozen bodyguards sprawling on the floor in front of him!

They were all howling in pain and unable to get up!

These bodyguards were some of the best, but they couldn’t hold up against one Ethan at all?

“Kill him!” Dawson roared after a short pause as he gritted his teeth and even his body was trembling. The six men behind him immediately stood in front of him.

These were the six best fighters that the L’Oreals had in Las Vegas.

“Ethan!” Dawson roared. “You’ve violated the princess of L’Oreal and even left behind a bastard child to ruin the L’Oreals’ reputation! Since you dare to come here, I’m not going to let you off!”

He purposely spoke as loudly as possible. “Since you’re here today, then you can forget about stepping out of this place alive!”

He gave the order and the six men dashed out. Two of them were even holding guns!

But there was no fear on Ethan’s face at all.

He became like the wind and as swift as a hurricane as he took a step forward and all that was left of him was a blur.

Ethan displayed his boxing technique as he swung his arms and attacked them like they were merely bamboo sticks!

Each punch caused a string of explosions in the air, and the wind caused by the punch alone was enough to cut their faces.

In just a few punches, three of them had been sent flying and crashing heavily on the floor, and blood spewed from their mouths.

That was the sound of gunfire!

But there was no way they could aim at Ethan because he was moving too quickly for them to catch sight of him.

A wind blew past them and Ethan’s face suddenly appeared in front of one of their guns!

But before he could pull the trigger, Ethan’s finger was already under the trigger, so he couldn’t pull it at all.

“That’s not how you use firearms.” Ethan poked the gunman and he instantly yelped. He dropped the gun and Ethan caught it, raised the back of his foot and unlocked the gun with his heel.

A bullet shot through the gunman’s thigh.

“AHH!” It was followed by a yelp that sounded like the demons in hell, and it made all their hair stand on end.

Dawson was stunned by what he just saw.

This guy could use his heel to unlock a gun?

Was Ethan still human?

He was already a good fighter to begin with, and he was also excellent at firearms.

“Only lowlifes play with firearms, understand?”

Ethan looked at them disdainfully as he swiftly disassembled the entire gun, flung the parts onto the floor and kicked everything across. The man’s neck instantly tilted to the side.

In just three minutes, these six top fighters were all on the floor.

Dawson was really terrified now.

He took several steps back and started yelling.

“Men! Men! Stop him! Stop him now!”

But no matter how loudly he yelled, nobody came out from behind him.

Of course nobody was coming out.

There were already more than 40 people lying on the ground right now!

Including his six best!

If even guns couldn’t do anything about Ethan, who would dare to go up and send himself to die?

“Don’t do anything rash! Don’t do anything rash!” Dawson saw that Ethan was walking towards him and his voice was filled with horror. His parched throat could only produce a hoarse voice, “You’re away from home…”


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