Billionaire God of War Chapter 1364

Chapter 1364

Ethan couldn’t be bothered to talk to Dawson.

He kicked Dawson right in the stomach and sent him flying out. He crashed into the wall, rolled down and curled up like a prawn as he clutched his stomach.

Ethan didn’t even look at him like he was just some stray dog passing by.

He walked right into the main hall of the house.

Kidd was seated in the hall and his expression darkened when he saw Ethan walk in.

There were so many fighters within the house and not a single one could hold Ethan back?


“Don’t bother trying to act friendly with me.” Ethan went straight to the point and didn’t bother being polite at all. “I’m here to take back my child.”

“You’re audacious!” Kidd stood up and was thoroughly enraged. “This is the L’Oreal family you’re talking about!”

“I know,” replied Ethan calmly. “Even if this was the family of the gods, I’d come to take my child back all the same!”

He stared straight at Kidd.

“Since my child is here, I’m going to take him away today. Otherwise, the L’Oreal family will become nothing but smoke and ashes from today onwards!”

A murderous air instantly filled the entire hall. It felt as though the temperature in the hall had fallen by a few degrees.

Kidd trembled all over and the two trusted subordinates standing by his side immediately stood in front of him.

“I wanted to give you a chance at first.” Kidd waved his hands for his two subordinates to stand aside. He narrowed his eyes and said with an angry and indignant voice, “I wanted you to marry into the L’Oreal family at first, but it seems like you don’t have such an intention in the first place.”

“You mean the L’Oreal family can’t be compared to that Palmer family?”

He had already done his investigations and found out that Ethan had married into the Palmer family and his status in society was very low because of this fact!

But he didn’t expect Ethan to be so powerful.

If Ethan became part of the L’Oreal family, it might not be a good thing.

But Amelia was already pregnant with his child!

“You’ve got a really wild imagination,” scoffed Ethan coldly when he heard these words. “You think the L’Oreal family can be compared to the Palmer family?!”

“How dare you!”

“You…!” Kidd was going to faint from his anger.

This man didn’t know what was good for him at all!

The L’Oreals was a family that was powerful all over the world and Ethan was now saying that the L’Oreals couldn’t be compared to one tiny Palmer family?

“Enough of this nonsense. Hand the child over, otherwise, don’t blame me for getting nasty!”

More than ten men rushed out to surround Ethan, but their expressions made them look more like Ethan had surrounded them instead.

All of them looked like they were going up against a formidable enemy.

“Enough!” A voice suddenly called out.

Everyone turned to see Amelia walk out slowly. She looked at Ethan in annoyance. She didn’t expect Ethan to do this at all.

She wanted to make use of Ethan, but she got made use of by him instead!

She didn’t think Ethan would barge into the family like this and even declare that he was going to destroy the L’Oreal’s publicly!

This man…was really crazy.

“You’re really such a sly fellow.” Amelia walked over to Ethan.

“Amelia!” yelled Kidd. “Are you still trying to speak up for him?!”

Amelia shook her head and looked at Kidd. “Father, I’m not even pregnant, so it’s definitely not his.”

Kidd was completely stunned by these words.

His head was ringing and he wondered if he had heard her wrongly. Amelia wasn’t pregnant?

But she retched at the meeting and didn’t deny it when Dawson said she was pregnant.

His body trembled. “What are you saying? Aren’t you…”

“That’s what Dawson said. When did I acknowledge what he said?”


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