Billionaire God of War Chapter 1365

Chapter 1365

Kidd felt like he was going to faint.


“I’m not pregnant.”

Amelia didn’t want to talk about this anymore. She only looked at Ethan with even more annoyance now.

That night, she had made such plans, but Ethan wasn’t interested in her at all, and he…didn’t even take a second glance at her.

She was still angry about that!

She wanted to make use of Ethan and get him to deal with her biggest opponent, but she wasn’t opposed to the process.

If it happened, then it did.

It would still be a wonderful thing to her. After all, there were very few in this world whom she would be willing to go with.

But in the end, Ethan didn’t take advantage of the situation at all and even got Diane to take care of her instead.

Amelia felt that she had lost big time.

“Amelia!” Kidd’s face was all red now. “Then why didn’t you deny it?!”

Kidd was really on the verge of puking blood. The L’Oreal’s reputation was nearly in tatters and everything had turned out to be a misunderstanding.

“All of you would just say that any explanation I make is just a cover up. So how could I deny it?” said Amelia calmly. “Father, you should make Dawson face the consequences of his actions.”

Kidd’s eyes narrowed as he instantly understood what Amelia was driving at.

He wasn’t the head of the family for nothing.

But Ethan didn’t care about any of this.

“Who is Dawson?” Ethan went on to speak in a righteous tone of voice, “This fellow slandered me and damaged my reputation. Don’t you think the L’Oreals owe me an explanation for all this?”

Amelia nearly vomited blood.

Damaged Ethan’s reputation?

She had been accused of being pregnant with an illegitimate child and hadn’t said anything but Ethan was saying that his reputation had been damaged?

“You ass! Do you know how many people want to have babies with me?!” cursed Amelia in her heart.

Her beauty genes alone were going to ensure that her children would definitely look amazing. So many people would want her to improve the genetic makeup of their descendants.

Amelia looked in annoyance at Ethan and grit her teeth. “It’s that fellow out there, the one you kicked against the wall.”

“Oh, that guy.” Ethan wasn’t bothered. “It doesn’t matter who Dawson is. I just have one question now.”

“There are rumors that Amelia is pregnant with my child, and these rumors came out from the L’Oreal family. This has caused tremendous damage to my reputation!”

“This has affected my family and caused my wife to misunderstand as well, so this makes me really angry!”

Ethan narrowed his eyes. “And when I get angry…”

He didn’t have to finish his sentence. Kidd had heard all about the massacre in Las Vegas over the past three days.

More than a dozen district bosses had been swept clean by Ethan with almost no effort, and it had shocked the entire city.

Amelia had also told him that Ethan was the one behind the destruction of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The Moore family, Kings Sect, the Merlyn family etc.…they had all perished in Ethan’s hands!

This fellow was a walking disaster. Whoever offended him would face severe consequences. Very severe consequences.

“What do you want?” Kidd had never felt so cornered before. The L’Oreals were obviously on the losing end, but Ethan made it sound like he was the one on the losing end.

“Very simple. I want to be compensated.”

“You want a child?” said Amelia in irritation as she scoffed.

If Ethan wanted to make a child happen, she could go bathe right now!

“Wouldn’t that make ME on the losing end?” Ethan looked at her and shook his head. “I won’t do anything that would benefit the L’Oreal’s. I only want to be compensated.”

“I want compensation for my monetary losses!”

“I want compensation for my emotional damages!”

“I want compensation for delaying my company’s projects!”

His voice grew louder with each sentence, and Kidd felt like his hair was all going to stand.

This fellow was a big bully!


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