Billionaire God of War Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366

“How much do you want?” Kidd tried his best to suppress his anger. He really wanted to argue back, but there was really nothing his family could do right now. If Ethan wanted to annihilate his family today, he couldn’t stop Ethan at all.

Could he wait for the clan to send someone over?

It was impossible to wait!

Ethan alone was enough to wipe out all the L’Oreals in Las Vegas!

“I want a portion of the assets that the L’Oreal family has in Vegas, as well as US$500 million…”

“That’s daylight robbery!” yelled Kidd.”

“If you must put it that way…” Ethan narrowed his eyes and his voice grew cold, “Then I’ll change my mind. I want everything that the L’Oreal family has within Vegas and US$1 billion!”


Kidd nearly puked blood on the spot.

“Ok.” Amelia agreed to this before Kidd could say anymore.

“Excellent.” Ethan looked at Amelia. “In that case, I will forgive you guys this time. But make sure there’s no next time.”

Next time?!

Amelia felt like the veins on her forehead were about to burst. This Ethan made sure to kill off any future intentions to do anything to him as well.

He said such infuriating words.

After he had despised her once, he was going to despise her again?

She scoffed and didn’t say anything.

Since Amelia had already agreed to the request, Kidd didn’t say anything. He knew Amelia had her own ideas on how to settle this matter.

“Since Amelia has agreed, then the L’Oreals will not take it back. Go ahead and take what you’ve asked for!”

He was clearly displeased.

Ethan didn’t say anything and turned to leave. He wasn’t worried that the L’Oreals would suddenly change their minds.

After Ethan left, Kidd couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“This fellow is a big bully!” shouted Kidd angrily. “This fellow…this fellow is a vicious character!”

He spun around to look at Amelia. “Why didn’t you tell me about this beforehand?”

If he still didn’t understand what was really going on by now, he must be really stupid.

This daughter of his had always been more intelligent than most others, and she always surprised him with all the genius moves she made. He had been wondering why she allowed herself to become pregnant so easily.

He thought that Ethan had used some underhanded tactic, but in the end…

“If I told you beforehand and you slipped up, would Dawson still believe it?” said Amelia. “It took me a long time to set all this up.”

“When did all of this start?”

“After Palmer Group took over our part of the city,” replied Amelia.

Kidd narrowed his eyes. That meant that Amelia had thought of using Palmer Group to deal with Dawson from the very day they stepped into this city.

But this is the result.

“I tried my best to predict what would happen, but in the end, I miscalculated Ethan.” Amelia sighed deeply. “Father, you know, I keep trying to make better judgments of him and I keep reminding myself not to underestimate him, but I still did in the end.”

“That night, I did think of letting him have his way with me, but he didn’t touch me nor take advantage of me at all. It was his wife who ended up taking good care of me after I was dead drunk.”

These words made Kidd calm down immediately.

He slowly exhaled.

“I get it now.”

This Ethan had nearly supernatural levels of intelligence!

Amelia didn’t get anything out of him at all, and she was even nearly taken advantage of instead.

In fact, Ethan probably hadn’t unleashed his full potential on them, otherwise they wouldn’t have reached this conclusion today. The L’Oreal family would have lost even more!

“What do you intend to do?” he looked at Amelia.

“All these losses are a result of what Dawson did, so we’ll let his branch of the clan take up this responsibility,” said Amelia nonchalantly as she regained her composure.


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