Billionaire God of War Chapter 1367

Chapter 1367

Kidd nodded.

Without any hesitation, he called all the various branches of the family together.

After something so big happened, the clan itself would have heard all about what happened in Las Vegas.

They hadn’t just suffered great monetary losses, but also great damage to their reputation!

They had been in Las Vegas for so many years and gained a steady foothold in the markets here. But they ended up losing so much this time.

More than ten men sat around the round table and none of them looked too pleased.

One of them slammed the table furiously. “How dare he do this?! So much compensation?! That Ethan is really greedy!”

“Exactly! Everything in Vegas? And US$1 billion on top of that? That’s simply outrageous!”

“Call the rest of the clan for assistance! This Ethan must die!”

Everyone started shouting. They were indignant and were definitely unwilling to lose so much at one shot.

Those things didn’t just belong to the family but to all of them.

“Oh really?” Kidd laughed coldly and everyone fell silent.

He looked around and said, “Do you know why Ethan cleaned up Las Vegas? Why did he destroy the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, then wiped out the illegal circle of this city?”

None of them said anything.

“That’s because he calls the shots in Vegas now!”

“So what if the clan sends their best fighters over?”

“We’ll disappear off the face of this earth in less than a day!”

“Once you’re dead, the clan will take back all these assets and resources, so it will have nothing to do with you anymore!”

He spoke very directly and made everyone’s hearts tremble. Everyone knew the consequences, but nobody wanted to accept this reality.

The compensation of US$1 billion alone meant that every faction had to cough up $100 million each. That was the profit for an entire year!

That was like digging out a part of their own flesh. Who wouldn’t feel the pain?

On top of that, Ethan wanted their assets too.

What lousy reputation did he have anyway? Was it worth this much?

“Mr L’Oreal, this whole thing started because of Amelia…or rather, the rumors of Amelia becoming pregnant. Don’t you want to give us an explanation?” someone said in a low voice as he looked at the silent Amelia seated on one side.

“Your focus should be on who was the one who spread these rumors in the first place,” replied Amelia quietly. “I never said that I was pregnant at all. I haven’t even gone after the person who tried to ruin MY reputation yet!”

She laughed suddenly as she looked at the man who spoke up earlier.

“Oh, if I’m not wrong, it’s Dawson from your side of the family, right?”

“I heard that he didn’t just spread rumors to ruin my reputation and the L’Oreal family’s reputation, but he even hired mercenary soldiers to kill Ethan and the staff of Palmer Group.”

“And because of that, Ethan became angry and it resulted in these severe consequences. Do I need to say more on who should bear the responsibility of this whole thing?”

She looked up at everyone around the table and declared loudly, “I suggest that Dawson’s side of the family be fully responsible for the loss this time!”

The entire table fell silent.

The face of the one who raised a point against Amelia earlier darkened instantly.

“What did you say?”

“I said, your side of the family should be fully responsible for this matter.” Amelia wasn’t giving way at all. “I am on fairly good terms with Palmer Group, and so I managed to negotiate with Ethan on this matter.”

“He only wants a portion of the assets that we have, but the cash compensation has to be paid in full!”

After hearing that Ethan wasn’t asking for everything anymore, some of them secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

They were most worried that Ethan would forcibly take away their source of revenue!

“I’ve already made a rough calculation. The assets that your branch of the family own meets Ethan’s requirements perfectly, and I’m sure it’s not hard for you to come up with US$1 billion, right?”


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