Billionaire God of War Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368


“Since you’ve made a mistake, then you should face up to it and accept the punishment. Why should everyone suffer for your mistakes?”

Amelia became stern and cold like a queen!

The person who spoke up earlier had nothing to say now.

“That’s my suggestion, we can take a vote.”

She then leaned against her chair and didn’t say anymore.

Kidd narrowed his eyes.

He rapped lightly on the table and looked at the empty seat at the table. “Dawson is severely injured and he’s not able to join in the voting, so we’ll not count his vote.”

“We can start voting now!”

Someone immediately spoke up, “I agree!”

Once one person spoke up, the rest started agreeing as well.

Everyone at this table were intelligent people. Since they had the option of not losing anything, nobody was going to help Dawson’s branch of the family.

Besides, everybody knew that Amelia and Dawson had been fighting to become the next head of the family, so clearly, Dawson had lost.

And he had lost everything!

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

“I agree too!”

“I agree!”

One after another raised their hand in agreement and the votes soon passed the majority. The remaining people at the table all nodded in agreement without much hesitation.

Soon, they were left with one last person. His expression was dark and his malicious looking eyes gleamed viciously.

He was the one who held the highest position in Dawson’s branch of the family and was also Dawson’s uncle – Duncan L’Oreal!

But now, there was nothing he could do.

He couldn’t overturn the result of this vote.

“Tsk,” Duncan stood up and scoffed coldly. “Since you’ve all made the decision already, why bother asking me for my opinion?”

He turned and left.

“We shall go with Amelia’s suggestion!” Kidd ignored Duncan L’Oreal’s reaction and calmly announced the results.

Amelia had won this battle beautifully, so their branch of the family was going to continue controlling the L’Oreals in Las Vegas for the next few decades.

Amelia didn’t say anything and stood up.

The moment she stood up, everyone else stood up as well.

They all knew that Amelia would hold the highest position in this part of the L’Oreal family for the next few decades. She would become the next head!

“Since everything is settled, there’s nothing for all of you to worry about,” said Amelia as she walked out.

Dawson was sitting in a wheelchair outside the door. He had rushed over when he heard the news.

He didn’t accept this result and he wanted to fight against it!

When Amelia came out of the room, Dawson’s expression darkened. “Amelia! You played me out!”

Amelia just laughed faintly and walked over to him. She shook her head sympathetically when she saw how pitiful he looked.

“Ethan didn’t kick you very hard.”

“Why, you…!”

“Dawson, I didn’t play you out. You were stupid,” said Amelia without holding back. “You mean it never crossed your mind that the person you planted by my side would end up working for me instead?”

Dawson’s expression changed.

“You’re too stingy. You only gave him US$1 million. I gave him $10 million.”

Dawson’s expression turned nasty. His face reddened and he started breathing heavily.

Amelia bent down and whispered into Dawson’s ear, “I know that you’ve never underestimated me, but…you underestimated Ethan. Don’t you know that you should always know your enemy well before doing anything? Stupid.”

Amelia then laughed mockingly at him before walking away.

Dawson couldn’t hold it in anymore. He vomited a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot.


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