Billionaire God of War Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369

Amelia didn’t care about Dawson.

Even if he was angry that he fainted, got a stroke or became paralyzed, he deserved it.

Amelia couldn’t believe she had been dealing with such a lousy opponent for so many years.

After she got to know Ethan, she suddenly felt that all her previous opponents were nothing.

Compared to Ethan, they were all trash.

She found it unbelievable that she had stooped to the same level as a pile of trash.

Dawson’s side of the family had to bear the full amount of compensation that Ethan demanded and everyone had voted in favor of it, so Duncan L’Oreal couldn’t do anything about it.

Duncan’s expression was so dark that it looked like there were dark clouds covering his face.

“Kidd! You and your daughter actually used such underhanded means to bring us down! Did you think I didn’t know about that?!”

His fist smashed hard against the table and made a loud bam.

The compensation that Ethan wanted wasn’t much compared to the wealth of the L’Oreal family. But if his branch of the family had to bear it all themselves, then that was as good as peeling all their skin off and draining all their blood!

This was a fatal move!

Dawson had also been severely injured, and nobody knew if he would ever recover either.

Control of the L’Oreals in Las Vegas was still going to end up in Amelia’s hands for the next few decades after all. So what was the point of grooming Dawson with everything he had for so many years?

He ended up with nothing in the end!

“I can’t accept this result! I can’t!” Duncan grit his teeth and yelled away. The fierce glint in his eyes would make anyone who saw it tremble.

“I want…I want all of you dead!”

He scoffed and made a decision in his heart.


At Palmer Group’s overseas branch office.

Harold already made all the preparations beforehand. Once Ethan gave the order, they immediately got to work. All the projects that had been paused started moving at an even faster speed than before.

The Chinese merchants of various industries did their best to support Palmer Group, so the company suddenly became very strong and powerful!

This really shocked the people of Las Vegas.

Ethan had swept through all the districts, barged into the L’Oreal’s and even got compensated for damages to his reputation. Everyone now knew that nobody could stand in the way of Palmer Group’s advancement.

Palmer Group was now like a machine. Once it was turned on, it started working at full speed!

At the entrance to the office.

Amelia was standing at the entrance, and several employees in the general office area couldn’t help but glance over from time to time.

This woman was the same one who supposedly was pregnant with Ethan’s child, and she had actually come knocking on Palmer Group’s door.

Even though they all knew that was just a rumor, everyone still wondered how Ethan managed to control himself even when such a beautiful woman threw herself at him.

Other men would have caved in for sure.

Ethan walked out from the office and glanced at Amelia.

“Why are you looking for me?”

“To have a meal together.” Amelia rolled her eyes at him and quietly said, “I want to thank you for your help.”

“What did I help you with?”

“Because of you, no man in Las Vegas dares to woo me anymore,” replied Amelia. “Don’t you think that’s good enough reason to treat you to a meal?”

Ethan laughed.

He waved a hand and Harold knew that Ethan was going out.

“Let’s go.”

Ethan didn’t bring anybody along. He knew that if anyone else came along, Amelia wouldn’t leave.

He didn’t know what this woman was up to this time.

But Amelia wasn’t thinking that much and chose a very quiet place this time.”

They went to a restaurant owned by a Chinese.


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