Billionaire God of War Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370

The restaurant was rather small and only had a few tables. The menu only contained a few specialties from a few areas.

“Bet you never expected this. I don’t suppose a big shot like you would know about the existence of such a restaurant.”

Amelia was clearly familiar with this place. She ordered two portions of dumplings, peanut soup and a large bowl of minced pork noodles.

“When I come here by myself, I like to eat these things. I’m the one giving a treat today, so you’ll have to eat whatever I fancy.”

“That’s not how it works.” Ethan glanced at Amelia, then looked at the menu. “Boss! Give me a plate of braised meat!”

There was nobody else in the restaurant, so the food was served quickly.

Both of them didn’t say anything and just ate large mouthfuls as if they hadn’t eaten in days.

These were all considered street food, but they looked like they were eating expensive delicacies.

Amelia didn’t look like the daughter of a wealthy upper class family at all. She threw away whatever image she had and stuck out her tongue after eating the chili as she exclaimed about what a kick she felt eating it.

“Honestly speaking, I’m really indignant about this matter. I could have won you.”

Amelia ordered two cans of soft drinks and passed Ethan one of them. “But I’m really very curious. How did you know that I wanted to deal with Dawson?”

Ethan had even calculated the damage perfectly.

He could have asked for everything the L’Oreals had in Las Vegas, since nobody here would dare to go against him anymore.

But he didn’t.

He had asked for just enough compensation to cause Dawson’s branch of the family to suffer severe losses without causing any harm to Amelia’s side.

Amelia narrowed her eyes a little as she seemed to be studying him very carefully.

“Ethan, is it because you’ve fallen for me?”

“I know you have a wife and Diane is really not bad, to be fair. But I’m not bad either.”

She drank a mouthful of the cold drink, but it still couldn’t put out the fire she felt inside her.

“If you’re afraid of letting Diane find out, I can always just be your lover.”

Amelia bit her lips. She didn’t drink any alcohol at all, but her face looked like she had applied blusher.

She never expected herself to actually say something like this.

“When you’re overseas, you’ll have me. When you’re back home, you’ll have her. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Amelia placed her hand gently on the back of Ethan’s hand and used a slim finger to lightly caress his knuckles. “And you can get the full support of the L’Oreal family in the future too. I would think it would be hard for you to refuse that, no?”

Ethan’s expression didn’t change and only glanced at Amelia’s hand briefly.

“Speak properly.”

“I’m not kidding.” Amelia spoke very seriously, “I’m jealous of Diane, but I won’t snatch you away from her. I already knew from that night that I can’t snatch you away at all, but I was hoping to just share a little with her, so you’ll belong to me when you’re out of the country. You mean you can’t even do that?”

“It’s very clear that this is not possible.” Ethan removed his hand and scoffed, “Miss Amelia, this plate of dumplings you’ve ordered implies something else, huh.”

The Chinese word for dumplings sounded like the Chinese word for sleeping. Amelia wasn’t Chinese but she did know a thing or two.

Even though she had been so direct and practically shameless about the whole thing, Ethan rejected her again.

But this time, Amelia didn’t get angry. Instead, she was rather amused.

She looked at Ethan with a gentle look in her eyes, but this look also seemed cheeky and teasing at the same time.

“Looks like if I want to share the same man as Diane, I can’t achieve it by talking to you.”

Ethan frowned slightly.

Was she thinking of talking to Diane instead?

That was even dumber.

“Ethan.” Amelia stared at him and emphasized every single word, “I will definitely make you sleep with me!”


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