Billionaire God of War Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371

Her expression was extremely serious and she didn’t look like she was joking at all.

Ethan had just taken a mouthful of his drink when she said this and he nearly spat everything out.

“Are you being serious?”

“Very serious.”

“Is this your dream?”

“It is. Everyone should do something crazy at least once in their lives.”

Ethan shook his head. “I suggest that you find another dream instead. This one will never come true.”

Amelia threw her head back and started laughing merrily. All the seriousness she had earlier was gone.

“That depends on how hard I work at it,” Amelia refused to give in.

Ethan was most afraid of women talking about their dreams. If Amelia continued being serious about this, he wouldn’t be worried. But since she seemed serious yet joking at the same time, he didn’t dare to continue on this topic anymore.

After finishing her drink, Amelia put the can down and exhaled. She felt so relaxed.

That serious topic earlier must have given Ethan a scare.

Amelia suddenly found all of this very funny.

She looked at Ethan.

“This time round, I guess you can say that we’ve managed to take what we’ve wanted.”

Ethan agreed that it was best not to be too transparent when talking to intelligent women, or else one might get into trouble.

“I know why you purposely chose Las Vegas to be Palmer Group’s first stop overseas.”

“I also know why you wanted to expose Palmer Group to the whole world.”

Amelia now seemed like a completely different person. Her voice sounded sly and a little surprised.

“Even though this looks like a very lousy decision to me, the one who made this decision was you, so now it seems like an excellent decision.”

Ethan put up his hand to interrupt Amelia.

“If you want to talk about strategies, fine. But don’t compliment me. I told you not to have any funny ideas about me.” Ethan didn’t bother being polite with her. “My wife will really get jealous.”

Amelia sighed. She was amused, but she also felt an ache in her heart.

She was really very envious of Diane.

In the past, she might have just been joking about it. But now, she wasn’t just envious. She was a little jealous too.

Ethan was such an outstanding and a truly impressive man, but his heart only had space for one Diane.

She never doubted her own charm. Any man who dared to say that she wasn’t pretty was definitely a man with a problem.

“Aren’t you afraid that if you continue indulging Diane like that, you’d make her a public enemy of the rest of the world?”

“I don’t have that kind of charisma,” Ethan shook his head. “I just want to be good to one person. That’s all.”

Ethan then got up and looked at the empty plates on the table. “Thanks for the treat today, as well as that US$1 billion. It’s gonna come in handy since I happen to be in need of money recently.”

“I’ll treat you next time.”

Amelia didn’t say anything and watched Ethan leave.

She knew Ethan wasn’t in any need of money. According to the information she got from the global bank union, Ethan’s personal assets could rival an entire country!

His personal wealth could be compared to the entire L’Oreal clan!

Amelia knew where this US$1 billion was going. It was definitely going to the Merlyn family!

It was going to the Merlyn family who had left for the Middle East to help Palmer Group expand there.

When she thought about how that area was torn apart by war and was a complete mess, she couldn’t imagine what market could even exist there.

It was a place where survival was already a problem, so what business was there to speak of? And even if there was, was it worth putting their lives on the line for it?

“Las Vegas is a place that many people have their eyes on. Ethan, by setting up Palmer Group’s first overseas office here, you’re taking a really big risk.” Amelia sighed deeply. “But as I said, as long as it’s a decision that you made, then it’s definitely not a lousy decision, even though I really don’t understand it.”


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