Billionaire God of War Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372

Amelia pulled out a wad of bills and left it on the table. She left without saying anything.

After returning home, Amelia went to look for Kidd.

“Duncan has left Las Vegas and I don’t know where he’s gone.”

Kidd had been keeping close tabs on Duncan and that family. After settling Ethan’s compensation, Duncan had disappeared. That branch of the family was definitely their biggest opponent within the family.

“He’s not important.”

Amelia wasn’t bothered about where Duncan had gone at all.

She didn’t treat such people as opponents anymore.

After she was certain that she could take control of this part of the L’Oreal family, Amelia’s worldview had changed.

After meeting Ethan several times, many things had subconsciously affected her.

Kidd was clearly a little surprised.

“He’s not important?”

“The most important person now is Ethan.”

Kidd was a little unhappy to hear this name, even though he had gotten rid of his opponent thanks to Ethan.

But the loss to the family was still very real.

Especially when his daughter’s reputation was nearly at risk.

“Father, you need to widen your horizons.” Amelia knew what Kidd was thinking about, so she went straight to the point. “The next opponent we’re going to face is the really troublesome one, so we must be careful on all fronts!”

“You mean we have to be careful of Ethan?”

“No. The clan. The L’Oreal clan.”

Amelia’s words made Kidd tremble. His expression instantly became solemn.

“We need to keep close tabs on what the clan is doing. A major storm is going to happen here soon, so if we still want to remain an independent entity here, we have to think of something.”

Of course Kidd could tell what she was saying.

Amelia’s ‘think of something’ was basically Ethan.

Duncan’s branch of the family’s aim wasn’t just to become the head of the family. They wanted the clan to absorb Las Vegas as well.

After so many years, the large clan of the L’Oreals was divided into several parts. They had roots in different cities and were all doing well independently.

The clan head had always wanted the L’Oreal clan to be one whole again so that all the resources of the families could be consolidated under one power. But who was willing to let that happen?

These were things that the various factions had spent generations fighting for, and now the clan wanted to just take it back from them to control?

Why should they?

Kidd’s branch of the family had been controlling the Las Vegas area for many years now and they insisted on never letting the clan take anything back.

But Duncan’s branch of the family wanted to return to the clan and become a real L’Oreal and to truly carry this surname.

Amelia’s words made Kidd calm back down.

“Have you already decided?”

“I’m the next head, so I have the responsibility of doing this,” said Amelia. “If we want to cut off the greed of the clan completely, this is our best chance.”

The chance she was talking about was also referring to Ethan.

Before she got to know Ethan, Amelia had no idea what to do about the future ahead. But after she met him and understood him, she didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“This time, I don’t want to make use of Ethan,” she sighed. “Every time I want to use him, he ends up using me instead. There’s no way anybody can make use of a man like him.”

She looked at Kidd and suddenly started laughing. “If he was really your son-in-law, then the future of the L’Oreals is set for life.”

Kidd wanted to ask why his outstanding daughter actually sounded a little regretful and disappointed.


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