Billionaire God of War Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373

Kidd thought about it for a while, but didn’t say anything in the end.

Amelia was a proud woman, so if she said something like that, it just meant that his knowledge of Ethan was extremely incomplete.

He didn’t understand Ethan, and he had only met Ethan once.

And during this one meeting, he had suffered such a great loss too.

“No matter what you want to do, I will support you.” Kidd took a deep breath. “You are my daughter, my most outstanding daughter and also the future leader of this family. Understand?”

Amelia smiled. “I understand. I won’t be affected by him.”

“Father, we don’t have to be too bothered by Duncan, but we should always be careful.”

Amelia knew that underestimating an enemy was a bad habit to have.

Especially when the enemy was the sort who would resort to anything to get what they wanted.

“I understand, I’ll handle this part. Don’t worry.”

Kidd wasn’t young anymore and he had experienced and seen a lot. He knew what to do.

It was true that he really wasn’t very worried about Duncan.

That was because he could guess what Duncan wanted to do and what he would do.

At this very moment.

Duncan was indeed making some preparations.

In a city a few hundred kilometers away from Las Vegas, Duncan was all alone. Nobody knew he was here, not even his most trusted subordinates.

Duncan sat in a very unique restaurant and looked at the shadow on the other side of the screen divider. He leisurely drank some wine as he said, “Is this considered a partnership?”

“Of course it is. You provide the information, I’ll get those people killed.”

“But do your words carry any weight in your organization? It seems like that man is the one who has the final say in everything.” Duncan’s tone of voice was sinister and sounded a little provoking.

He could tell that the eyes of the person on the other side of the screen had become cold and distant, but Duncan didn’t bother being polite with his words.

“After so many years, everyone knows that the one right on top calls all the shots. Even though you might be the person he trusts the most, your opinions are not much more than farts to him.”

“Humph,” a cold sneer could be heard from the other side. “That’s the past. In no time, everything is going to change…”

A faint smile appeared on Duncan’s lips.

“I hope everything you’re saying is real. I can give you everything that the L’Oreals have in Las Vegas. That’s enough for you to create a terrifying team that will help you to rise to the highest position of the Assassins Group!”


They didn’t exchange too many formalities since they were used to being direct with one another. They had known each other for so many years and worked together so many times.

But this was the biggest bargaining chip Duncan had ever put out.

He continued to eat his food slowly, while the person on the other side of the screen had already disappeared.

There was a piece of paper on his table with a list of names that he had to kill.

The first one on that list was Ethan!


Not only was the threat to Palmer Group’s overseas office completely resolved, but they were also even able to take this chance to advance greatly.

Las Vegas had become Palmer Group’s first base overseas.

Ethan had cleaned out all the illegal circles in the various circles, so he let Kent officially control the entire illegal circle of Las Vegas.

The status of the Chinese merchants in Las Vegas had risen tremendously.

Nobody would ever dare to bully or humiliate them anymore, because everyone in this city knew that the person who truly called the shots around here wasn’t any of the locals, but Palmer Group.

It was Ethan, the one who dared to demand compensation from the L’Oreals!

If anyone wanted to bully these Chinese merchants, they had better check if their necks were hard enough first!


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