Billionaire God of War Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374

Harold was really very excited. Usually someone at his age would be looking forward to retirement and a quiet life.

But now, all the blood within him was surging, as if he had gone back several decades to the time when he was young and motivated!

Palmer Group didn’t pay him a single cent and he even had to spend some of his own money. But Harold didn’t mind at all because he was happy. It was a happiness that money couldn’t buy.

“I want all of you to take over at least 60% of the market share in Vegas within the next two months!”

“I want all of you to take at least 50% of the market share in the neighboring small towns and cities within the next half a year!”

“I want all of you to spread the name of Palmer Group far and wide so that the world can see how superior our products are!”

Harold’s words were extremely motivating and his team was incredibly excited.

It felt really great working for Ethan!

They could just go ahead and do what they did best without having to bother about troublemakers and things like that. They just needed to focus on their work and give it their best effort.

Where else would you find such a great sense of achievement?

And of course, when it came to giving cash bonuses, this boss of theirs was always shocking them with the sheer amount of money up for grabs…

Nobody was really doing this for money, but nobody would be unhappy with the prospect of getting a lot of money either.

Ethan seemed to be the most relaxed person of all.

He was now sitting on the sofa inside the office sipping tea leisurely while having a video call with Diane.

Diane was dressed in training clothes and practicing her boxing at the Extreme Martial Arts Academy.

Ethan really wanted to laugh when he saw how she seemed to be seriously shouting along with her moves, but he had to hold it in when he saw that the one teaching her was Shawn, and Shawn was right next to her.

“With Uncle Clark teaching you, I’m sure you’ll become really amazing and I won’t be a match for you,” said Ethan with a straight face. “When that happens, you must protect me and protect me from other women’s wicked schemes!”

“Hubby, don’t worry, I’ll work hard!” replied Diane very seriously.

Ethan said before that he had a poor constitution and had to rely on her for food, and that’s why he married into her family in the first place.

So now she didn’t just have to feed Ethan but she also had to protect him and make sure other women didn’t dare to go near him.

“Diane, concentrate on practicing your boxing.”

That was Shawn’s voice. He was clearly not pleased with what Ethan just said.

He took the phone and glared at Ethan with bulging eyes. “Punk, don’t be too smug. I guarantee that Diane will be able to push you against the ground to punch you, and you wouldn’t dare to fight back!”

Ethan didn’t say anything.

Of course that was the case.

As the saying goes, a beating was a display of affection and a scolding was a display of love. The harder Diane beat him, the more she was showing her love for him!

Of course he wouldn’t fight back in that case.

“By the way, Ivan told me to tell you that Evan hasn’t appeared for many days now.” Shawn hung up after that.

Ethan ignored Shawn’s joking words before this.

Evan had disappeared?

But it was about time he disappeared. It was time for him to return to his reclusive clan.

Ethan narrowed his eyes and he suddenly smiled. “His Lordship…you’ve made another successful move in this game of chess.”

“Till now, I still can’t figure out if you’re an enemy or a friend.”

If someone else overheard Ethan say this, they would be surprised that Ethan thought this way.

His Lordship was the terrifying man who controlled Hidden Sect!

He was the man who was deeply connected to a reclusive clan!

He was an extremely powerful man who slaughtered several powerful families of the north when angered and had no mercy at all. How could he be Ethan’s friend?

Didn’t he and Ethan try to kill each other before?

Wasn’t he severely injured by Ethan before?

What…what on earth was going on?


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