Billionaire God of War Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375

Nobody knew what Ethan meant by these words.

Nobody knew whether this supposed friend of Ethan’s was really a friend or not.

Even Ethan himself wasn’t sure.

He had never felt like this before.

Ethan got up and didn’t think too much about it. Things that hadn’t happened yet would just remain in his heart as he calculated his next move, but he wouldn’t talk about it.

He’d talk about it after it was done. That was his principle.

“Harold, if there are any obstacles you need me to clear out, tell me as soon as possible, I have to go back already.”

“Did something happen in Greencliff?” Harold immediately looked up from his documents when he heard what Ethan said.

“Nothing, I just miss my wife.”

Harold looked back down and didn’t say anymore.

Ever since he joined Palmer Group, he had to get used to watching Ethan and Diane behave all lovey dovey in front of him.

On top of having to watch, he had to sincerely say that it was the best thing ever.

That was what the wolves told him to do.

In order to fully stabilize the situation in Las Vegas, Brother Geoff didn’t wait for his injuries to heal up and brought the wolves around with Kent to go through the various districts for a few rounds of clean up.

This wasn’t Greencliff, and it wasn’t the wolves’ responsibility to do this either.

But as long as it was something that would be beneficial to Palmer Group, they had no qualms about getting it done.

Ethan didn’t need to handle such matters.

Las Vegas was now covered in a shiny layer called Palmer Group. The Moore family was gone, Kings Sect had been completely wiped out, and even the Merlyn family had been sent to the Middle East…

Even the evergreen L’Oreal family had been brought to its knees by Ethan alone, and they had paid him a huge sum of money.

Who in this city still dared to make trouble for Palmer Group?

Who would still dare to ignore what Ethan said?

There was a feeling of being legendary despite not being the actual legendary one.

Ethan didn’t care about any of this.

If he told these people who he really was, many people would have trouble sleeping at night.

But right now, he only wanted one identity, and that was…

Diane’s husband!

Since everything was settled in Las Vegas, Ethan took the next available flight to Greencliff. When he wasn’t busy, what he loved to do most was to remain by Diane’s side.

He would be with her when she ate, when she worked, when she was practicing her boxing and also when she slept.

Ethan went to the academy the moment he arrived in Greencliff.

Diane would take two hours of her time every day to come here to learn some moves.

Ethan took a look at her teachers and couldn’t help but gasp.

Besides the two old men, Ivan and Shawn, there were also a dozen grandmaster level fighters from various sects and factions. Even the two old fellows from the Hunt house, Kain and Cyan, took turns to come here when they heard that Diane was learning martial arts. They would come to give her a couple of lessons, then fly back to the Hunt house in the north…

If Cillian didn’t need to conceal his whereabouts, he might have joined in as well.

You probably couldn’t find a stronger team of masters anywhere else in the world.

But of course, Ethan knew what they were trying to do.

They weren’t here to help Diane become the best fighter in the world. They were hoping that if she needed to teach Ethan a lesson, she would use the moves that they taught her. That way…

…it would feel like they were the ones teaching Ethan a lesson.

They couldn’t defeat Ethan, but if Diane beat him up, Ethan wouldn’t dare to fight back.

When one grew older, one often became more cheeky as well.

It was Shawn’s turn to give the lesson. He was especially serious and taught her many techniques. Every time he gave her an example of how to use these moves, he would use Ethan’s name.

Ethan wasn’t surprised anymore.

He sat by the side while Ivan made tea.

“Evan has disappeared for half a month already,” said Ivan quietly. “Looks like he’s gone home.”

“Of course he’s gone home. If he continues to stay here, he’d probably die from being angry with me all the time,” laughed Ethan. “Get ready, I’m afraid someone might appear anytime soon. I’m sure you can guess the temperament of a reclusive clan of martial artists.”


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