Billionaire God of War Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380

“Your Excellency, please remove your crown,” said one of them in a sinister voice. “We must bring your head back!”

“Tsk, it never crossed my mind that I had actually bred a bunch of dogs that bite their owner!” Jack Harkness looked at all of them. His breathing was hurried and he coughed violently as he spoke. “Does Daren Roads think he can kill me just because I’m injured?”

“It’s too bad.”

None of them wanted to waste any more time talking.

They knew very well that this man used to be their king!

He was the man that stood right at the top of all the assassins in the world.

But today, this man was destined to perish!

They swiftly made their way across to Harkness.

An explosive murderous air instantly surrounded Harkness.

But Harkness wasn’t nervous at all.

So what if that idiot sent a bunch of Gold Level Assassins after him?

That idiot wanted to kill him?

He could dream on!

All of a sudden, he flicked a wrist at exactly the right time. Just as those figures were about to close in on him, he shot out a bunch of daggers!

The throwing knives gleamed coldly and all the men rushing at him instantly tensed up and tried their best to avoid the oncoming daggers.

But it was almost impossible to dodge the throwing knives at such a short distance.

“Go to hell!” Harkness scoffed when he saw that some of them had managed to dodge his weapons. He flicked his wrist again and even more hidden weapons went flying out from his sleeves. He sent so many out at the same time, there was barely any gap between them.

These weapons surrounded the assassins who had come after him.

In just a few moments, blood spurted everywhere.

All of them fell dead to the ground.

Harkness paled even more.

This attack had aggravated his wounds and nearly wore him out.

His legs felt weak and he nearly collapsed onto the ground.


He couldn’t stay in this city anymore.

He used to be the king over this place, but now the entire city was coming after his life.

What a betrayal!

Harkness’ eyes were filled with rage and hatred. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to stand because there were definitely even more people coming after him…


He had to run!

But where could he go?

Perhaps only that man could help him to stay alive.

The favor back then…it was high time that fellow repaid him for it.



Ethan was lying on the floor with his arms wide open and couldn’t move at all. Diane had one hand on his chest and he didn’t struggle at all.

“I’ve won?” Diane was overjoyed at this.

She didn’t expect herself to be this impressive.

Before this, she had used all sorts of techniques. It didn’t matter if it was something that she learnt from Shawn, or Ivan, or even Cyan and Kain…

Nothing they taught her was of any use. The moment she tried to attack, Ethan could easily pinch her and pull her into his arms, thereby foiling her attempt.

And she got taken advantage of in the process too.

But this time, she used the method that Ethan taught her and she really managed to defeat Ethan!

“You purposely let me win, didn’t you?”

Diane found it a little hard to believe.

“He didn’t do this on purpose.” Shawn scoffed and clearly looked unhappy.

Ethan was obviously trying to tell them not to make use of Diane and imagine that they were the ones teaching him a lesson.

The only one who could defeat him was himself.

“Wifey, you’re amazing!” Ethan was still lying on the floor but he applauded her. “I think this academy will have to hire you as a coach in the future.”

Diane laughed merrily.

Of course she wasn’t going to believe Ethan’s empty praises.

“Stop trying to make me happy, I know I’m not that impressive!”


Before Diane could go on, Ethan suddenly frowned. Shawn and Ivan could feel it too. Both of them exchanged glances and nodded immediately.


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