Billionaire God of War Chapter 1379

Chapter 1379

After leaving Peak’s place, Daniel made a rough calculation and a vicious glint appeared in his eyes.

“His Lordship is about to start, I suppose.”

All these were plans that revolved around Ethan. Each step in itself didn’t seem to yield much result, but in the long term, it was practically a strangulation process!

Now that Peak was ready to step out personally to take the manual pages away from Ethan, what was Ethan going to face next?

Daniel had no idea. His only mission was to light this fuse. Whatever happened later had nothing to do with him.

Everyone only died when it was time for them to go.

He looked into the distance and quietly sighed. He didn’t say anything, but the expression on his face was extremely complicated.

“My Lord…”


At almost the same time.

At the headquarters of the Assassins Group!

There was an eye catching puddle of blood on the floor.

His Lordship stood there with his fists clenched. The murderous aura emanating from his body was enough to make one tremble with fear.

“He’s run away,” said His Lordship in a sinister voice. “So the so called King of Assassins is only capable of doing this?”

His Lordship’s expression was filled with disdain.

If that supposed King of Assassins had fought back instead of running the moment he got injured, he would definitely die at His Lordship’s hands.

“Your prowess is way above the King of Assassins, so killing him is a piece of cake to you!”

The man standing behind His Lordship had a look of glee on his face. He simply couldn’t hide the joy in his heart.

“He’s severely injured, so there’s no chance that he’ll survive!” A vicious flint flashed in his eyes. “I won’t let him get the chance to!”

He waved a hand and more than a dozen figures went out immediately.

“We’ve already agreed on the conditions. I’ll help you kill off the King of Assassins so that you can gain control of the Assassins Group, while you shall provide me with the information that I need.” His Lordship glanced at the man and narrowed his eyes. “Do not try to pull any tricks on me, otherwise…you know the consequences!”

“Of course!” The man nodded profusely. “Of course, we will stay out of each other’s way.”

His Lordship didn’t say anymore and left.

The man only breathed a long sigh of relief after His Lordship left. His back was already drenched with perspiration.

This was the first time he felt such a terrifying pressure. He thought that His Lordship wouldn’t be that powerful, and the ten odd subordinates in the shadows earlier was part of his plan to kill off His Lordship once His Lordship had finished off the King of Assassins.

But he immediately changed his mind once he watched His Lordship make his move.

This was one fighter he couldn’t afford to offend!

“Find Jack Harkness and make sure he doesn’t survive!” The man spoke in a vicious tone of voice. “No matter where he runs to, we must not let him live!”

He knew that it was impossible for the Assassins Group to reach greater heights under Jack Harkness’ leadership and he couldn’t stand it anymore.

This was especially so after they got an order which Harkness just canceled without consulting anyone. If he didn’t even dare to kill an ordinary Chinese man, then did the Assassins Group still have any prestige left?

“the Assassins Group will only be able to reach its full potential once I take over…HAHAHA!”

Several figures moved out from the headquarters with the mission to hunt this man down.

Meanwhile, the man who used to stand right at the top of all these assassins was now running for his life.

He had broken so many bones and every time he opened his mouth, blood would spew out. His face was getting paler and paler.

He was nearly void of color now.


He could only run!

Jack Harkness never thought that such a terrifying person would suddenly appear. That domineering method of boxing was so similar to that person.

If not for the fact that this guy clearly had a different face, he would have thought that person was being ungrateful and had come to kill him!

Suddenly, seven or eight figures blocked Harkness’ way.


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