Billionaire God of War Chapter 1378

Chapter 1378

“I will always be grateful for what Mr Peak has done for me.”

Peak took a deep breath.

He knew that Daniel wouldn’t say anything no matter how he tried to ask him. He knew Daniel very well.

And that was also why he wasn’t worried about getting Daniel to do things for him. He knew that even if Daniel betrayed him, he wouldn’t do much damage.

“Where is His Lordship right now?”

“Overseas,” replied Daniel.

“What’s he doing overseas?”

“I don’t know.”

It was as if Daniel’s face was paralyzed. There was no change in expression regardless of what Peak asked him.

He was like a robot as he replied mechanically.

“You don’t know?”

“He’s already beginning to be wary of me,” Daniel looked up at Peak. “I’ve been called back here by you twice and he’s gotten a little suspicious. I’m sure you know him better than I do.”

Peak narrowed his eyes and didn’t say anything.

What sort of person was His Lordship?

He was sinister, merciless, cautious and very sensitive!

He could smell a rat very easily and killed off all the people that Peak had previously planted by his side even though they had hidden themselves very well.

Daniel was the one he had planted the most secretly. But if he was discovered by His Lordship, then he would have no more sources of information.

“Tsk, I’ve really underestimated him.”

Peak stood with his hands behind his back and turned to look far away.

“You’d better not come back for the time being. Use the old method to update me. I want to know everything that His Lordship is doing!”

“Yes, Mr Peak,” replied Daniel respectfully.

“As for that Ethan…” Peak narrowed his eyes. “He’s just a piece of trash and isn’t qualified to own any part of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual at all. I’m going to get it back myself!”

A look of greed flashed across his face.

The Extreme Fist Technique Manual!

He didn’t care about the techniques described on the pages. What he cared about was the map behind those nine pages of the manual!

He had gotten His Lordship to hunt down all the pages and after many years, there was finally some result. But only a few pages had surfaced.

But no matter how many pages had surfaced, Peak believed that all of them should be his and nobody else was fit to have them!

Daniel’s expression didn’t change when he saw the greedy look on Peak’s face, but he scoffed coldly in his heart.

What he truly hoped for was that Peak could settle this himself and look for Ethan personally instead of always sending him out.

He had tried many times already and Ethan had ruined his plans so easily. Even when he went out personally to deal with Ethan, it didn’t make any difference. Not even when His Lordship went out…

Ethan’s reaction to any situation was so hard to predict, so Daniel wasn’t confident either.

“Mr Peak, please think twice about doing this.” Daniel clasped his hands together politely. “That Ethan is not a simple man. If you deal with him personally, you might invite unnecessary trouble.”

“I suggest that you leave this to His Lordship and allow him…”

Daniel didn’t finish his sentence. He noticed that Peak’s expression had darkened.

He bowed slightly and didn’t straighten up again. A scheming smile appeared on his lips briefly before quickly vanishing.

“I have spoken too much. It is not my place to advise Mr Peak,” said Daniel before straightening himself up again. “I will listen to any arrangement you have and I will report any news I have on His Lordship. Please do not worry.”

Peak nodded.

“Daniel, you are an intelligent man, so don’t end up losing your life for nothing, understand?”

Daniel nodded and said yes. Then he politely excused himself and didn’t dare to disrupt Peak any further.

He knew that he had succeeded in this step. Once Peak made a move personally, then all these people in the reclusive clans weren’t going to remain silent anymore.


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