Billionaire God of War Chapter 1377

Chapter 1377

It felt like the person Evan thought he knew well had suddenly become very strange.

Evan looked at how Peak’s expression had changed so drastically and didn’t say anything.

“Right now, there’s a chance right in front of you and it can help you to advance even further. Evan, you must cherish it.”

Peak’s expression became friendly again.

But Evan’s mind was still filled with the furious and murderous expression he had earlier!

A chance to advance even further?

The Drakes family always chose their next head depending on whose level of martial arts was higher, whose natural gifting was better, who was more capable and who was able to lead the Drakes family to greater heights. Did one actually have to take a side and garner votes from the members of the family?

The reclusive clans were supposed to have cut themselves off from the ways of the world, so how could they possibly go back to being the way the world was?

Evan opened his mouth to speak, “What are you trying to say?”

“It’s very simple. From today onwards, listen to me and I can make sure you become the next head of the family.”

Peak didn’t speak very loudly, but every word rang loudly in Evan’s ears.

Evan was stunned.

“You’re still young and you don’t understand many things. But by the time you do understand them, it’ll be too late,” said Peak quietly. “Enough, this matter should end here. Go back and get a good rest and just pretend that you don’t know anything.”

Evan wanted to say more, but Peak clearly wasn’t going to let him talk and chased him out.

Peak narrowed his eyes as he watched Evan walk out.

“So now you can do things without asking me for permission first? Daniel?!”

A figure walked out from the shadows. Peak turned to glance at him and didn’t hide the fury on his face at all.

“I asked you the last time whether you were on my side, or if you were on the side of that man who calls himself His Lordship. And how did you answer me?”

“Of course, I remain loyal to you, Mr Peak,” said Daniel resolutely even though there was no expression on his face.

“Loyal to me? HA!”

Peak glared at Daniel and instantly unleashed a terrifying aura.

He raised his hand high and slapped Daniel across the face hard. Five red finger marks were clearly imprinted on Daniel’s cheek.

But Daniel didn’t say anything and didn’t even budge. It was as if nothing happened at all.

“You’re really bold!” Peak hit the roof.

“How dare you go against me!”

“I wouldn’t dare,” said Daniel respectfully as he bowed his head. “I have always been loyal to you and listened to all your commands. I have remained in hiding next to His Lordship and I’ve never done anything to betray you.”

Peak narrowed his eyes.

“You were the one who leaked information about the manual? And you even told Evan of all people?!”

“Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking about?”

“Do you really think I wouldn’t dare to just silence Evan?!”

Peak’s roaring was as loud as thunder.

“I wouldn’t dare.” Daniel’s face was still expressionless and there was no change besides the bright red hand imprint on his face. “I did not tell Evan anything, he has maligned me.”

He kept his head low and bowed slightly. No matter what Peak said, he still had the same expression.

His tone was neutral and his face was emotionless.

Even if Peak killed him with a slap right now, Daniel will still have this same expression on his face.

Peak knew that very well.

“Daniel, Daniel. I gave you the chance to live, don’t throw it away.”

A murderous air flowed from Peak’s gaze, and it felt so real that the air around them seemed to have fallen by a few degrees.


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