Billionaire God of War Chapter 1383

Chapter 1383

What Ethan wanted to take back wasn’t the Assassins Group.

He wasn’t interested in such a pointless organization. But the information network that this group controlled was good stuff.

If His Lordship took control of this network, he might get the next page of the manual before Ethan did.

Harkness watched Ethan walk away and he still wanted to say more. But after thinking about it, he figured that saying anymore was pointless.

Someone like Ethan didn’t need him to tell him what to do.

When he thought about how scary this man was in the past, Harkness still felt a tinge of fear in his heart.

He patted the pillow. It was very soft and he couldn’t help but take a closer look at it.

“What brand is this pillow? It’s pretty comfy.”

Harkness slowly closed his eyes and felt entirely relaxed.

All these years, he had never dared to really relax and sleep except when he was here on Ethan’s territory.

Even though he was the King of Assassins and nobody in Europe dared to get into trouble with him.

He had nearly died in that place, so he knew very well that the path he had chosen wasn’t anything good.

On the contrary, Ethan was living an enviable life.

Harkness couldn’t be bothered with all this now. In any case, Ethan had to return the favor he owed him.

Ethan walked out to see Shawn, Ivan and the rest waiting for him.

“A total of 12 assassins snuck into Greencliff, we’ve finished them all off,” said Brother Geoff through gritted teeth. “The sewage drain behind the mountain isn’t even enough to put all of them in now.”

Ethan nodded. “Keep cleaning up the place. Since they’re bent on killing Harkness, they won’t give up so easily. If a Gold Level Assassin appears, then I’ll have to trouble Uncle Clark to handle it.”

Shawn nodded. He was already used to taking instructions from Ethan and didn’t bother refusing him anymore.

He was very comfortable living in Greencliff and even Victoria thought of moving here when she retired. So of course, he was going to clean up this place for his daughter’s sake.

Gold Level Assassin?

He didn’t even like the sound of this label!

Greencliff had experts like himself, as well as nearly a hundred highly skilled fighters in the Extreme Martial Arts Academy. So even if the entire Assassins Group appeared, Gold Level or not, they were all going to meet their end here all the same!

“Geoff, how are your injuries?”

“All healed up!” Brother Geoff immediately became excited.

He knew Ethan was going to take action soon.

Even though his injuries still hurt, he could endure this level of pain.

“Then you stay in Greencliff.”

Ethan’s response made Brother Geoff panic. “I’m really all healed up!”

“I have an important mission for you, so stay here in Greencliff,” said Ethan. “This time, I’ll just take Winston with me.”

Brother Geoff nodded. “Got it.”

This operation didn’t need a lot of people. It was easier for a smaller group to get things done since their opponents were from the Assassins Group. This was a group of people who were best at ambushing their victims and were often unpredictable.

If there were fewer people on the team, then there would be fewer people to aim at. With too many on the team, their strategy would be broken easily.

Ethan let Tom Foster take Brother Geoff with him.

He went right back to the Palmer house.

Diane was still rather worried, even though she had been through a lot and seen a lot by this time.

The way Harkness had appeared was way too frightening.

He had fallen from the ceiling all covered in blood.

“Is he ok?” Diane immediately asked Ethan when he came back.

Since this man was Ethan’s friend, she was also more concerned.

“He’ll live,” replied Ethan. “This sort of person is very hardy. If he couldn’t survive this, he’d have died a long time ago.”

He had said this very nonchalantly because he knew Harkness well. This guy had once taken eight stabs, broken several bones, and didn’t take long to run and jump about again. There was no way Harkness had a poor constitution.

Otherwise, how would he have managed to run to Greencliff all the way from Europe?

Ethan turned on the computer and keyed in a strange website address. The screen instantly went black.


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