Billionaire God of War Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384

In no time, a bloodied throwing knife appeared and it was extremely eye-catching.

Diane walked over and gently bit her lip. “What website is this? Don’t tell it’s that sort of…”

“No, it isn’t.”

Ethan looked at Diane with a little dismay and told himself that he needed a good chat with Jenny the next time she came. He was going to tell her to stop feeding Diane’s mind with all these strange ideas.

“This is Assassin Group’s internal website.”

Diane was shocked to hear this and covered her mouth.

“Assassin Group?”

Of course she knew about this group. The first time a Palmer Group employee was killed had something to do with this group.

At that time, she discovered that Ethan actually knew the leader of this group!

And now, the leader was in Greencliff.

“Why do you have an account?”

Diane wasn’t surprised that Ethan knew about this website, but she was surprised that he had an account to access it. Wasn’t a group like this supposed to have very tight security?

“Back when we were all in Beggars’ Sect…”

Diane didn’t want to hear anymore.

This Beggars’ Sect again.

It was as if every genius came from this sect or something.

She didn’t say anymore and just watched Ethan navigate the website. A huge string of letters and numbers soon appeared on the page, and just looked like gibberish to her.

She couldn’t understand it at all.

But Ethan navigated through this massive amount of weird text easily, clicking on this part, then clicking on that part. Finally, he entered a long password, hit the enter button, and the page instantly changed.


Diane stared at the webpage that advertised things like s*xy croupiers dealing cards right now…all the photos with these ads made Diane blush immediately.

“This is just a cover up.” Ethan’s face didn’t turn red and his heart didn’t race at all. “You have to look past all this.”

“The one who designed this website is that idiot who got half his bones broken. He might be the king of assassins, but there’s no way anybody can understand all these distasteful hobbies he has.”

Diane nodded and didn’t say anything.

She was too embarrassed to say anything and just turned away from the webpage.

Since Ethan said it so seriously, she took his word for it.

“It’s ok to look now.”

Ethan clicked and the page changed again. He changed the language option so that Diane could understand the page as well.

“Assassin Group hit list and reward…”

Diane’s heart immediately started pounding wildly.

“Ethan!” Diane immediately clutched her chest when she saw his name and was extremely anxious. “Why is your name here?”

“Don’t worry about that.”

Ethan laughed and scrolled down. Diane’s own name was number 36 on the list, and the reward for killing her had reached more than US$10 million now.

“How can this be?!” Diane couldn’t believe someone wanted to kill her and even put up a reward on Assassin Group’s website.

“I let you see all this today because I wanted to let you know that this world isn’t as peaceful as you might think it is,” said Ethan as he turned to face Diane. “Now that Palmer Group is advancing and developing well, as well as becoming bigger and bigger, more and more people will have their eye on you, since this is all a matter of their benefits and interests.”

“I’ve affected other people’s interests?”

“Palmer Group wasn’t set up to earn money but to change the world and help more people. You have to know that for those with great amounts of resources and power, benefits, profits and their personal interests are what they work for. Oppressing and extorting ordinary folk is what they love doing most.” Ethan smiled. “Wifey, you’re basically spoiling their market. How can you expect them to not hate you?”

When she heard Ethan say that she was spoiling the market for those with resources and power, she suddenly didn’t feel so afraid anymore and actually felt a little excited.

“Am I…am I that amazing?”


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