Billionaire God of War Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395

Amelia couldn’t help asking.

What assassins?

They were in such an open space, so even though she was no assassin herself, she could see that there were plenty of opportunities here if someone really wanted to kill her.

Ethan had purposely chosen this place. So if there really were assassins around, there was no way she was still alive now.

If she didn’t understand Ethan and hadn’t witnessed what he was capable of, Amelia would have been very sure that Ethan had lied to her.

But Ethan just scoffed.

“And what benefit would I get from lying to you?”

He didn’t bother with explaining too much.

No assassin had made any move at all because of only one thing. Any assassins who had come today had all been finished off by Winston!

Amelia’s expression didn’t change. She was the one who asked this question, but she still firmly believed that Ethan would choose to do something like this for no reason.

“It is bad for people to be complacent because that will get them into trouble easily,” said Ethan calmly. “But it is alright to have self-confidence, especially in an area that you are really good in.”

He spoke very philosophically and Amelia understood 30% of it.

“I hope that’s the case,” she nodded.

The event ended.

Everything had gone very smoothly and no accident occurred.

The L’Oreals were now officially business partners with Palmer Group.

With the help of the L’Oreal’s’ resources in this country, Palmer Group could have an easier path moving forward.

No matter how one looked at this matter, it was clear that Palmer Group had gained from this partnership. The L’Oreals had not benefited in any way and even made a big loss.

Kidd was really very angry.

He didn’t like Ethan in the first place. He didn’t just dislike Ethan but simply couldn’t stand him, because in front of Ethan, there was no way he could feel superior to Ethan.

“My dearest daughter, can’t you tell that we’ve been duped?”

Kidd ran over to look for Amelia the moment she returned.

“I heard all about what happened at the ceremony. That Ethan was just pretending to be smart and made up this story to make us think he was very clever.”

“What assassins? Even if there were any, they were probably all planted by Ethan!”

“This was all to make the L’Oreals officially work with Palmer Group so that they can take all our resources!”

Kidd ranted on and on.

“Father, please believe Ethan.” Amelia was at her wits end. “Even if you don’t believe him, please believe me.”

“You’ve really been bewitched by him!”

Kidd was so furious that he slammed the table.

He looked at Amelia and spoke gravely, “This fellow is not an ordinary man. That’s what YOU told me. He’s someone from Palmer Group and works wholeheartedly for them. Why would they help the L’Oreal family?”

Amelia had said before that Ethan was very intelligent, powerful and domineering.

He didn’t intend to work with the L’Oreals at all. He just wanted to make use of the resources that the L’Oreals had to help Palmer Group expand outside China.

Amelia didn’t know what to say.

She put a hand out and wanted to explain things but she didn’t know where to start.

Kidd was clearly biased against Ethan since he had been embarrassed in front of Ethan several times. After this event, he was even more certain that Ethan was up to something else.

But this idiot was someone who didn’t even care for the likes of herself!


“You don’t have to bother convincing me. I’ve never trusted him. I just want to remind you to remain vigilant because you’re the heir to the L’Oreals after all.”

With that, Kidd waved his hands and clearly didn’t want to continue arguing with Amelia over this anymore.

“I still have something on and I need to go out now. You can slowly think about what I said.”

“Where are you going?” asked Amelia immediately. “Things in Vegas are still unstable, so it’s better if you don’t go out.”

“What, there are assassins?” Kidd scoffed coldly. “I’m not believing that fellow anymore.”


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