Billionaire God of War Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394

If someone like Ethan were all alone in this world, then he would definitely become the most terrifying man in the universe.

That was because he wouldn’t have any weaknesses.

But it was clear that Ethan had a weakness now.

Diane was his weakness, and she was a weakness that Ethan would never get rid of.

“Tell you what.” Amelia looked at Ethan and took a step forward to stand in front of Ethan. “If someone tries to kill you, I can help to block you.”

Ethan was stunned.

“You have a weakness but I don’t. So I’m not afraid.” Amelia laughed.

Ethan didn’t say anything and didn’t know what to say either.

This woman was not a simple one, and that was the feeling Ethan had about Amelia from the first time they met.

So he never believed anything she said, not even the punctuation marks in her words.

But Ethan really did believe what she just said.

“Why, aren’t you touched?” Amelia burst out laughing when she saw how silent Ethan was. “Diane has never used her life to protect you, has she?”

“She’s given me life before,” said Ethan.

Then he reached out to pull Amelia back to the side and said quietly, “If you really want to be friends, then don’t use those tactics you use on other people on me. Do you understand?”

Amelia looked hard at Ethan for several seconds before letting out a deep sigh and nodding.

“Got it.”

The ceremony continued.

Everything went as planned.

In a hidden corner on the rooftop of the skyscraper above Ethan.

Winston was leaning against the wall and chewing some gum.

His fingers bent slightly, then straightened out, then bent again, then straightened out again…

It was as if a sensitive radar was going through a drill right now.

He was the one who chose this spot after much consideration. That included the venue for the ceremony downstairs and where Ethan and Amelia would stand.

Since these assassins were after Ethan, they were limited in the number of places they could hide themselves in. So Winston had effectively helped the assassins to choose where they were going to die in his hands.

He chewed the gum for a while when his gaze slowly became aggressive, ferocious and violent.

It was overflowing with murder now.

His fingers nimbly wrapped themselves around the gun as he immediately sprawled himself on the floor. He closed one eye and used the other to look out at the skyscraper a few hundred meters away. A black barrel soon appeared in his scope glass.

“The assassins who work for Harkness’s stupid the Assassins Group are still as lousy as ever.”

There was a soft blast that nobody else could hear besides Winston himself.

A few hundred meters away, the black barrel became crooked immediately.

“Big Boss, this is exciting!” Winston blew a bubble with his gum and couldn’t stop laughing.

Then his face became stern again as the murderous air flowing out of him intensified.

He was like a wild beast that had been hiding for a long time that had been finally awakened.

Winston sniggered, got up and changed his position.

The activity downstairs continued as per normal.

Ethan continued to smile faintly and looked like he didn’t know that there were people trying to kill him at all.

Amelia followed Ethan around and even though she claimed to be unafraid, she was still a little nervous inside.

She didn’t dare to move about too much and always made sure that she was behind someone else. But Ethan kept walking about everywhere as if he didn’t care at all.

Ethan was a nutcase.

When everything was over, Amelia’s back was already covered in perspiration.

She looked around, then looked at Ethan.

“You said there were assassins. Are you sure you weren’t lying to me?”


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