Billionaire God of War Chapter 1393

Chapter 1393

Winston was stunned for a moment when he heard these words. He turned to glance at Ethan, then shook his head immediately.


“Why impossible?” asked Amelia indignantly.

It was bad enough that Ethan ignored her. Now even Winston was saying the same thing.

Winston didn’t even know her and didn’t know what relationship she had with Ethan. Was he so sure just based on her looks and aura?

“You don’t understand,” said Winston calmly. “If Big Boss falls for you, then you can go ahead and kill me!”

Amelia fell silent when she heard this.

Winston dared to say such things only because he understood Ethan really well.

She quietly glanced at Ethan and didn’t say anything.

It was one-sided on her part after all.

It seemed like this fellow had gone through many things in the past that seemingly had nothing to do with Diane, but in reality, these things definitely had everything to do with Diane.

She had never failed so miserably before.

“Looks like I really don’t have a chance,” Amelia purposely let out a sigh. “Since we can’t be lovers, then we can be best friends, right? Ethan, don’t tell me you won’t even give this chance to me?”

Ethan couldn’t be bothered to waste time talking to her.

When this woman wanted to make things difficult for him, he didn’t know what to do either.

Amelia sounded casual, but every word she said was her way of trying to slowly understand Ethan’s past.

Even an old hand like Winston was no match for Amelia in this aspect.

“Just concentrate on what you have to do,” said Ethan calmly.

Amelia smiled beautifully and didn’t say anymore as she turned and left.

“Don’t talk too much to her. This woman is not simple,” Ethan warned Winston.

Winston immediately realized what was going on and became a little unhappy.

“I didn’t expect that. I thought that she was really charmed by you and wanted to give herself to you…”

He had seen this before. Too many women over the years had wanted to marry Ethan. There were also many of them who were happy with just a one night stand with Ethan.

But Ethan never agreed to the requests of any of these women.

His heart belonged to only one person fifteen years ago.

“Let’s get cracking.” Ethan didn’t want to waste any more time talking.

“Got it!” Winston picked up the box and left.

A battle in the city was more exciting than a battle in the forest!

Ethan’s expression was calm and he looked like he didn’t care what they were about to face.

The one dealing with the assassins today wasn’t himself. He was just there to be the bait.

He just needed to expose himself in front of all the assassins, and Winston would take care of the rest.

He had absolute trust in this brother of his!

The ceremony began.

It was the usual program, so he had to say the things he had to and do the things he had to.

Security at the venue was very tight. Three layers of security personnel surrounded everyone in the venue and there was no other space or gap in between. It was impossible for anyone to even get through the security, much less try to kill Ethan and Amelia at close range.

The only thing that could kill them were long range weapons!

“You’re exposing us just like this? You’re really not afraid to die?”

The stage was open air and they were surrounded by tall buildings, so they were as good as being entirely exposed because there was nothing to shield them at all.

Once someone aimed a sniper rifle at them, there was no chance for them to escape at all.

“In the past, I wasn’t,” replied Ethan calmly. “But I am a little these days.”

Amelia turned and looked at Ethan. “Is it because you have someone you care about now?”

“Humans are softhearted. Once they have someone they care about, that person will become a weakness. But of course, this care you have could also become your strongest armor.”

Ethan spoke very calmly, as if he was talking about something non-consequential.

But Amelia didn’t think it was anything ordinary at all.


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