Billionaire God of War Chapter 1392

Chapter 1392

The L’Oreals officially announced that they were working with Palmer Group and they had reached an agreement on their future collaboration.

They invited Ethan from Palmer Group to join them in their next project and join them in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

News of this spread quickly and shook up all of Las Vegas.

Everybody already knew that the L’Oreals were walking very closely with Palmer Group, but this was the first time they were openly announcing their working relationship.

Inside an apartment.

The TV was showing Amelia being interviewed by a reporter and she couldn’t stop complimenting Palmer Group on their potential and the bright future ahead.

The person in front of the TV had a grim look on his face.

“You didn’t manage to kill her?” This voice was low and filled with fury.

“Three of you went out at the same time after planning for days and what did you kill in the end? A rat? Or what?”

The few men behind him didn’t dare to say anything.

They had joined hands to chase after that Rolls-Royce and they were sure that the person in the car was Amelia. How was she still alive?

It was clear that they had been played out!

This made them even angrier.

“Your leader has given orders that these few people must die!” That malicious pair of eyes became even more murderous looking. “But the heavens are helping us and these two are actually going to appear together. It’s a pity that the head of the L’Oreals isn’t going to attend this ceremony.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony was only going to involve Ethan and Amelia. Kidd wasn’t attending it.

Otherwise they could kill all three at once!

“Check exactly where, when and who else will be going. We must kill them both this time, especially Ethan!”

“Got it!”

The few men quickly disappeared.

The man continued to stare at Amelia through the TV. He clenched his fists hard and his knuckles cracked loudly.

“Amelia, you and your father deserve to die. You don’t deserve to have the surname L’Oreal.”

He scoffed and pressed the remote control to turn the TV off.


Amelia’s arrangements were perfect.

She had chosen a venue right in the middle of town and near to Palmer Group. She was clearly trying to use this location to prevent any assassins.

It was hard to even hide yourself in the busy city area, much less plant an assassin.

For most assassins, it would have been difficult, but all the assassins in the Assassins Group had gone through very strict training and were excellent in all fields.

Some were excellent at being snipers!

Amelia wasn’t nervous at all as she sat in the office.

There was a large box on the table. Its deep black color made one’s heart sink.

Winston took a step forward and opened the box. He swiftly and nimbly put the entire gun together. Amelia couldn’t take her eyes off his actions at all.

This was the first time she was seeing Winston.

Ethan really had a lot of capable people by his side.

“It’ll do.” Winston nodded, then disassembled the whole thing and placed the parts back into the box.

“And who is this gentleman over here?” Amelia glanced at Winston, then looked back at Ethan. “Why don’t you introduce him to me?”

Ethan didn’t say anything while Winston burst out laughing.

“There’s no need for introductions. Just call me Brother Winston!”

He knew Ethan and Amelia were just business partners and there was no need to actually introduce his identity properly to her.

“Brother Winston?” Amelia chortled for a moment before her gaze suddenly changed and she said wistfully, “If I become your Big Boss’ woman someday, I’ll see if you’d still dare to make me call you Brother Winston.”


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