Billionaire God of War Chapter 1390

Chapter 1390

Ethan instantly exuded a sinister and murderous air from his body.

Even though Kidd wasn’t looking at Ethan, he felt his body shudder. It was as if a cold wind had suddenly blown past and made him shiver involuntarily.

This terrifying murderous air was simply too terrifying.

“I’m on the top of this hit list, you understand?” Ethan looked at Amelia. “And everyone around me is also on this list.”

As long as one’s name was on this list, there would always be an assassin who would take on the mission and attempt assassinations until the target was dead.

Ethan didn’t care about his name being up there. If one person came for him, he’d kill that one person. If a group came for him, he’d kill them all off as well.

But Ethan did not allow any mishap to befall Diane and family.

Previously he could get Harkness to clean up the list for him, but now Harkness had been kicked out of the Assassins Group. Ethan had to solve this issue in order to have control over the list again.

This was how Ethan did things. If he couldn’t solve the problem, then he was going to solve the person who created this problem.

Amelia understood what Ethan was driving at.

“So what do you intend to do?” she asked seriously.

“I want to trap all these dogs and thrash them all at once,” replied Ethan calmly. “There are more than 20 assassins currently within Las Vegas, out of which two thirds are trying to get me while the last one third have their eye on you two. I want all of them to appear and get rid of all of them at once.”

Kidd got even more upset at this. Why was only one third after himself and his daughter while Ethan alone had two thirds of the assassins coming after him?

How could this be?!

But he didn’t say anything. He was afraid that Ethan might deal him another cruel blow to his ego if he said anything.

“So you want all three of us to appear at the same time?”

A clever woman was a clever woman alright. He didn’t need to say too much and Amelia could figure it out herself. “And you also need an official reason for us to gather so that it doesn’t look obviously like a trap.”

Ethan laughed. “You’re finally smart this time.”

If someone else complimented Amelia like this, she would have called someone in to beat him up. But she was so happy that Ethan complimented her.

“I’ll get this arranged.”

Ethan nodded. “I’ll also need a long range weapon. This will ensure that we’ll get rid of all these people at one shot.”

Amelia looked deeply at Ethan and there was curiosity written all over her face. But she didn’t ask or say anything about it.

“No problem,” Amelia agreed immediately.

After that, she got up to leave. She noticed Kidd still seated on the sofa and called out to him, “Father, let’s go.”

Kidd had barely spoken throughout this exchange. It was as if this head of the L’Oreals was of no importance to Ethan.

Who could stand being belittled like this?

Kidd shook his head after they both got into the elevator.

“Amelia, I don’t care what you want to do, but you must keep your distance from Ethan because he’s very dangerous!”

“He’s dangerous and I don’t like him. On top of that, he’s already married. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I understand,” Amelia nodded. “I’ve never thought of being involved with him either. I just…I just want to have a child with him.”

“I just want a child who looks as good as he does.”

Kidd’s mouth fell open and he had more to say, but he felt that there was no point in saying anymore. Amelia was already a lost case and wasn’t the same daughter he knew before anymore.

What was so good about that Ethan?!


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