Billionaire God of War Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389

Amelia’s butt hadn’t even hit the sofa yet. She looked sadly at Ethan.

But she just sighed quietly and didn’t say anything, then turned to sit across Ethan instead.

Kidd was so stunned by this.

Ethan actually didn’t care for Amelia?

Someone actually treated his extremely charming daughter like that?

He couldn’t believe it!

Kidd sat down and opened his mouth to speak, but Ethan didn’t even look at him.

“You still haven’t told me why you’re back here.” Amelia pulled a long face as if she had just been bullied by her husband.

She just wanted to tease him and she would have been happy if Ethan could just play along and say one or two nice things, even if they were all lies.

But Ethan…really didn’t care about being polite at all.

His first words were to tell her to sit on the other side instead.

“Have a lot of people been trying to kill you two lately?”

Ethan didn’t want to answer stupid questions.

He didn’t want to be overly involved in such matters, not especially with a woman he didn’t want to have anything to do with.

“How did you know?” Amelia was a little surprised. “Did you arrange it?”

Ethan rolled his eyes.

If he had arranged it, Amelia and her father would be dead by now.

Was she looking down on him now?

“Both your names are on Assassin Group’s hit list.”

Ethan pointed at Amelia. “Your life is now worth US$20 million, while you…”

He turned to look at Kidd, laughed, and didn’t say anything.

Kidd immediately got upset.

What was the meaning of that?

Was he not worth a lot?

Was it so low that Ethan found it funny?

So low that Ethan didn’t even find it worth mentioning?

“Punk! What is the meaning of this awkward laugh?!”

Kidd’s eyes grew large and round and he was going to blow his top soon. He didn’t like Ethan after the last time Ethan extorted and threatened him, and he was also left waiting outside the door earlier when they were downstairs.

After living for so many years, Kidd had really never experienced anything like this. But he had to experience this every time he met Ethan!

“Your life isn’t worth very much, so I won’t mention that miserable amount.”

Kidd thought that Ethan would phrase it in a more tactful manner, but Ethan just went straight to the point instead.

His face was all red as he gaped and pointed a finger at Ethan. He was too angry to say anything.

Amelia wanted to be Ethan’s woman?

And have his babies?

No way!

This man could forget about getting even one foot into the L’Oreals!

He didn’t care how amazing or outstanding Ethan was anymore!

He scoffed and didn’t want to talk to Ethan anymore. He was afraid that Ethan might drive him to his grave at this rate.

Kidd shut his mouth again and didn’t say anything. He turned his face away and refused to look at Ethan. He really couldn’t imagine why a woman would like such a man.

Even if a woman fell for him, her father would never like him, right?

Ethan couldn’t be bothered with Kidd at all.

“All these people trying to kill us are from the Assassins Group?” Amelia’s expression became solemn.

When it came to serious matters, she didn’t joke around.

She thought that the people trying to kill her were her rivals within the city. But it seemed like it might not be them after all.

It was less trouble to just put out a reward for the Assassins Group to kill her, but it wasn’t so easy to get her.

“The internal fight within the L’Oreals is quite serious, huh.”

Amelia could tell immediately what Ethan was implying. She glanced at Kidd and there was a glint in her eye.” I know who it is.”

“So why are you back in Vegas?”

“Las Vegas is the base of Palmer Group’s overseas office. I will not allow anyone to disrupt the peace here,” said Ethan calmly. “Whoever makes trouble shall die!”


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