Billionaire God of War Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387

Everything happened very quickly, and even after the shots were fired, the Rolls-Royce didn’t brake suddenly but picked up speed and fled the scene.

The cars following it noticed the blood dripping out from the car door of the Rolls-Royce and came to a stop.

“Mission complete.”

The car window was rolled up again and the car turned back to disappear into the distance.

The Rolls-Royce continued driving for another 20 or 30 kilometers before the driver was sure that nobody was still following him and finally came to a stop.

The head of the dummy in the back seat had already been blown to pieces.

The bag of blood attached to the dummy kept flowing.

“Miss L’Oreal, it’s going to be tough to wash this car,” muttered the driver as he looked at the mess in the back seat with a frustrated expression.

In just the span of a few days, Amelia had been the target of assassinations six times!

Each attempt was more vicious than the last, and more cruel than the last.

Even though she managed to escape this attempt, what about the next one?

They didn’t know why there was suddenly an influx of people in Las Vegas coming to kill Amelia and Kidd. Which rival would dare to do something so outrageous?

But Amelia seemed to have predicted this already, so she arranged for everyone she could to take these assassins for a ride.

Meanwhile, Amelia had already reached Palmer Group’s overseas branch office.

When he looked up at the gigantic signboard, Kidd knew that this location choice was excellent.

“What a good choice,” he couldn’t help but say. “This Ethan is rather capable.”

“He doesn’t attend to such small matters,” said Amelia directly. “Palmer Group is filled with a huge group of elites in all industries. Even though this gigantic corporation isn’t fully grown yet, it’s already impressive despite being in its infancy.”

She laughed and said, “Father, times have changed. A really powerful person can create a business empire very easily. That’s really hard to imagine.”

Kidd didn’t say anything and just walked in.

Most other companies would arrange for pretty ladies to man the reception. But at Palmer Group, their receptionists were all muscular men!

They were tall!


Fierce looking!

They were clearly no pushovers.

Most other people wouldn’t dare to even step in at the sight of such a reception counter. But those who understood Palmer Group knew that this was a guarantee of their security.

Once one stepped through the main doors of Palmer Group, they would definitely be safe.

“Hello, please register yourselves. Please write who you are, where you come from and why you’re here.”

Amelia took the book and made a face. She didn’t know who thought of this arrangement.

She wrote her name down and said, “I’m looking for Harold, the person in charge of Palmer Group’s overseas branch office. I’m Amelia L’Oreal.”

This name was famous throughout the city, but it didn’t seem to make any difference at Palmer Group.

“If you don’t have an appointment, I can’t let you go in.”

Amelia was immediately blocked at the entrance.

Kidd was surprised. He coughed twice and walked up to the receptionist. “I’m Kidd L’Oreal, the head of the L’Oreal family.”

“Please wait outside.” There was no change in the receptionist’s face, as if he had just heard the name of any ordinary person. Kidd’s face instantly reddened.

He was someone who had gone through a lot in life and he couldn’t stand being ignored like this after he had reached this age and come so far.

Amelia pulled him back.

“Please let Mr Harold know we’re here, we’ll wait outside.”

She pulled Kidd to the entrance and said helplessly, “These are Palmer Group’s rules, and they will not bend them for us. Even if the president came, they would behave the same way.”

Kidd didn’t want to talk anymore.

He just felt that if Amelia was really involved with Ethan and Ethan really became his son-in-law, he wouldn’t accept it anymore.

This guy was really too annoying!


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