Billionaire God of War Chapter 1388

Chapter 1388

The two of them stood at the door quietly and waited for the receptionist to get back to them.

They had never experienced anything like this before. One was the head of the L’Oreals and the other was the future head of the L’Oreals. They were always warmly welcomed and given the best treatment wherever they went.

But now, they were actually standing at the door and waiting to be notified by a receptionist.

Several minutes passed and nothing happened. Kidd was getting impatient.

“How much longer do we have to wait?” He frowned and was clearly rather unhappy. He had never heard of anything like this. How could someone with his status be stuck outside a door like that? It was impossible for something like this to happen!

Even government bodies in other countries wouldn’t dare to be so rude to a huge financial corporation like the L’Oreals, never mind this Palmer Group.

“Be patient.”

Amelia was very calm and seemed like she was used to it a long time ago.

The last time she came, she had waited for nearly half an hour.

“No, I’m going up right now!”

Kidd couldn’t stand it anymore. He pulled the door open to go up when…

A dozen figures appeared from the side. They all had fierce glares in their eyes and murder instantly filled the air.

Kidd was terribly alarmed.

“Stop,” said the receptionist as he hung up the phone. “Mr Harold says they can go up.”

With a few swooshes, all the figures disappeared again.

Kidd’s heart was still beating wildly. He was sure that if the receptionist hadn’t stopped them, he was going to lie dead on the floor by now.

This Palmer Group…

“I told you to be patient.” Amelia shrugged. “Palmer Group takes the safety of their employees extremely seriously and has put in layers and layers of protection around them. This is only their first line of defense. Father, don’t put yourself at risk again.”

“Ethan…is not an ordinary person. He has no patience for anybody, including myself. “

Perhaps nobody else was able to receive any patience from Ethan besides Diane and her family.

Kidd kept quiet and shuffled into the elevator with Amelia.

There was no way the L’Oreals matched Palmer Group in terms of this security.

Those men earlier were definitely at least at grandmaster level. A dozen grandmaster level fighters!

And they were just here to be security guards to protect the employees of this office. Kidd was really shocked at expense Palmer Group went to.

He didn’t know that Kent had also arranged for more than 200 others to surround the outside of the office itself at all times so that they could provide the best protection in the shortest time

The elevator reached the top floor with a ding.

Amelia and Kidd walked out to see that someone was already waiting at the door.

“Miss Amelia, welcome to Palmer Group.”

Amelia nodded. “Where’s Mr Harold?”

“Mr Harold is out of the office, but someone is already waiting for both of you.”

Amelia frowned slightly and felt like she had thought of something but she didn’t say anything. She followed the secretary towards Harold’s office.

Kidd followed behind her like her assistant. He didn’t look like the head of the L’Oreals at all.

A strong fragrance of tea wafted out immediately when the door was opened.

Amelia knew by just the smell.

“You’ve just gone back for a few days and can’t stand it anymore?” Amelia walked over and looked at Ethan seated on the sofa. “Don’t tell me you miss me?”

Kidd’s legs nearly gave way when he heard these words. His daughter had always been a bold and spontaneous character, but he was around crying out loud. Couldn’t she hold herself back a little?

Before Kidd could say anything, Amelia went to sit next to Ethan.

“Sit on the other side,” said Ethan with some annoyance.


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