Billionaire God of War Chapter 1391

Chapter 1391

Even if she couldn’t marry him, she wanted to have his children?

Kidd suddenly felt that he could understand the old Chinese saying about how married daughters were like water poured out of the house.

Amelia wasn’t even married yet and her heart was gone already.

On the way back, Kidd remained gloomy. He felt as though he had cultivated a large cabbage over the past twenty years and now a pig had taken that cabbage away.

The thing that angered him the most was that this pig didn’t even seem happy to take the cabbage. The large cabbage was running after the pig!!

He was so angry!

This poor father of the daughter who happily gave it away was so angry!

Amelia didn’t care about any of this. She already knew what Ethan was trying to do.

He wanted her to set up a trap for all those assassins to fall into, and Ethan even wanted a long range weapon from her…

She was getting more and more curious about who Ethan was.

She would never believe that Ethan was just some ordinary man who married into the Palmer family. She would definitely never believe that Ethan used to be some homeless beggar. Anybody who dug up this information were either foolish or downright stupid.

In Palmer Group’s office.

Ethan was sitting on the sofa and having tea, while Winston was sitting in the boss’ chair with his feet on the table. He was turning in the chair and a big smile covered his face.

“Big Boss, let me quit the other side, won’t you? I really can’t take it anymore. You can just give me some random job in Palmer Group, you can decide on the salary.”

He really didn’t want to be all alone in the north anymore.

It was so boring.

He had to face all those people who trembled at just the sight of him. That was no fun at all.

He wanted to go back to the past where he and Ethan embarked on killing sprees on the battlefield!

Even though Ethan had retired from the battlefield, the corporate circles were just like a battlefield, and it was even more exciting than the battlefield!

“You want to join Palmer Group?” Ethan looked up.

“Yeah I do!” Winston quickly added, “I think working at Palmer Group is more interesting.”

“You can submit your resume and get yourself hired.”

Winston’s expression immediately fell.

He was someone who had been parachuted into the legal circles and had hardly gone to school. Even a receptionist at Palmer Group was required to have a basic degree and there was no way Winston could go in by the usual route.

“Big Boss, you can just say the word and I’ll get in, won’t it?” grumbled Winston.

“That won’t do. Palmer Group does not allow anyone to come in through their connections. That’s the rule. Are you trying to make me break my own rules?” Ethan’s expression was stern.

Winston didn’t dare to say anymore.

Break his own rules?

Of course Winston wasn’t going to get Ethan to do such a thing.

Winston was more than capable of working for Palmer Group given the things he knew how to do. But if Ethan didn’t want to let him in, then Winston didn’t dare to say anymore.

After thinking about it, he came up with an idea and sniggered to himself. Ethan looked over and Winston quickly distracted him by changing the topic.

“Just leave those assassins to me. As long as Amelia sets everything up properly and they get lured out, I’ll finish them off.”

Winston’s expression was filled with confidence and it shone brightly.

He sprawled himself on the table and laughed maliciously. “As long as that sniper gun isn’t too lousy too, of course!”

Ethan glanced at him and scoffed without saying anything.

But the blood in his body was slowly beginning to boil as well.

It felt as though they had returned to the time when they swept across battlefields and got rid of every obstacle in front of them!

Ethan was a little tired of that life and now he just wanted to live peacefully with Diane.

He wanted a little family of his own with April and William as his parents, to take care and protect everyone around him well, and to help Diane to fulfil her dreams.

That was all.

Ethan didn’t say anything, but Winston knew that Ethan couldn’t stop the blood from boiling within him. Ethan wasn’t a quiet person in the first place.

Time flew quickly.

In less than a day, Amelia had made arrangements.


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