Billionaire God of War Chapter 1397

Chapter 1397

Kidd’s expression was grave, but it was also steady.

He had spent a lot of money modifying this car, so it wasn’t going to be that easy for the assailants to break through the body of the car. Besides, he still had a number of highly skilled bodyguards with him.

“Don’t panic!” Kidd commanded calmly. “Get them off our back!”

Kidd turned around and saw that the car at the back was charging at them at full speed.

The bodyguards were all on high alert and looked ready to fight anytime.

“Mr L’Oreal, these guys mean business!”

The other party was clearly well prepared for this attack and sent two cars out at the same time. The driver and the bodyguards had no idea how many people were in those two cars.

“We have to go back home!”

That was their final conclusion.

“Mr L’Oreal!”

Kidd didn’t respond and just got angrier.

All he did was to leave the house. He was the head of the L’Oreals after all. You mean he couldn’t even step out of his own house now?

Someone was always trying to kill him for the past few decades now. He was the head of the L’Oreal family after all. If nobody tried to assassinate him, then that would mean his social standing was very low.

“No need!” For some reason, Kidd suddenly felt even more stubborn than before. “This is just a small matter, there’s no need to worry.”

“Still trying to play tricks?” he thought to himself. “I didn’t go to the event and you couldn’t get me. Did you think I didn’t think of that?”

He believed in the reliability of his own car. As long as he didn’t get out, the other party had no chance.

He was going to see which stupid assholes were here to make trouble for him.

The car continued to increase in speed, but the car in front started slowing down while the car behind picked up speed. They were going to squash Kidd right in the middle!

Kidd’s car instantly started slowing down.

“Mr L’Oreal! We really can’t continue this chase with them!” shouted one of the bodyguards as he made a call to Amelia.

They all knew that when Kidd wanted to be stubborn, Amelia was the only one who might be able to persuade him otherwise.

“Knock into them! Push them aside!” shouted Kidd loudly.

The driver stepped hard on the accelerator as if he had gone mad. He used the maximum horsepower the car could muster but the car in front seemed to be fully prepared for this, so it continued to step on the brakes and refused to let them escape.

Someone had already stuck a hand out from the window of the car behind them. Kidd’s expression changed slightly when he saw a black barrel stick out.

A few shots later, the glass behind Kidd was hit and a few large white cracks appeared on it.

“Mr L’Oreal, get down!”

One of the bodyguards pressed Kidd against the seat. The glass instantly shattered after he shouted out.

Kidd’s expression changed dramatically.

How was this possible?

This was bulletproof glass!

How did it get smashed so easily?

“Drive away! Drive away!” shouted the bodyguard desperately.

The driver frantically spun the steering wheel, stepped on the accelerator and made the engine rev loudly.

It finally pushed the car in front out of the way and sped off.

The car behind didn’t hesitate and quickly drove after Kidd’s car. They weren’t going to let Kidd off at all.

Kidd lay on the back seat and started to panic.

“Hurry up! Go home! Go home now!”

He was really scared now.

If this car couldn’t protect him, then he didn’t dare to stay outside the house anymore.

“Miss L’Oreal, we’ve run into assassins!” The bodyguard’s expression was grim as he got through to Amelia. “We’re at 14th Street but they’re well prepared, so if we go home now, they’ve probably blocked off all our routes!”

“Yes! Yes, ok! We will protect Mr L’Oreal well!” The bodyguard hung up and said through clenched teeth, “Miss L’Oreal has ordered us to protect Mr L’Oreal!”

“Got it!”

All the bodyguards were prepared to die.


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