Billionaire God of War Chapter 1398

Chapter 1398

According to their previous experience, their assailants were so bold because they were definitely well prepared.

They meant business!

They were really serious!

“Head towards 8th Street!” the bodyguard immediately made a decision. “Go to where Palmer Group is! Palmer Group…will be able to save us!”

Kidd looked up immediately when he heard this.

“We’re not going there!”

Go to Palmer Group?

Wasn’t that as good as surrendering to Ethan?

He couldn’t accept that.

“Those are Miss L’Oreal’s orders!” The bodyguard didn’t care about what Kidd said.

“I’m the head of the family!”

“We only listen to Miss L’Oreal!” the bodyguard shouted back. “Mr L’Oreal, if you continue to speak like this, we will have to knock you out!”


Kidd was fuming mad but he didn’t protest anymore. He knew deep in his heart that if he wanted to live, then he had to escape in Palmer Group’s direction.

The car made a turn and headed towards the street where Palmer Group was on.


Amelia’s heart was on tenterhooks.

She was anxious immediately after getting the call earlier. She didn’t expect that those assassins were still around and weren’t all wiped out already. It was clear that Las Vegas was teeming with people who wanted to kill her and her father.

“Ethan, save my father!”

Amelia had made a call to Ethan immediately after the phone call. She had already told the bodyguards to send her father to Palmer Group regardless of what Kidd said.

Ethan didn’t even get the chance to refuse. Amelia had already hung up on him.

He was a little frustrated.

He wasn’t interested in this old man at all. The old man was a stubborn prick and if he died, he deserved it.

If he had attended the event together earlier, then they would have lured most of the assassins out and things wouldn’t become like this now.

“Big Boss, what’s wrong?”

Winston had a foot over his other leg as he sat on the sofa and ate a bag of chips Ethan took from Ashley.

“We’ve got some work to do,” said Ethan. “We’re expecting a guest.”

Winston was still eating and didn’t seem to care about what Ethan said. He poured out the crumbs left inside the bag into his hand, then stuffed them all into his mouth and crunched away.

“Big Boss, where did you buy these chips from? I don’t think you can get these outside of China.”

He looked at the packaging and saw that it was a local product alright. Someone had actually brought it all the way here.

“That secretary sitting outside this office,” Ethan smiled. “She brought it over and I’m quite sure she must have brought quite a lot. If you want any, get some from her yourself.”

Winston nodded. Then he suddenly realized what Ethan was saying before this.

“Did you say that we had work to do?”

Ethan didn’t say anything. He pulled the office door open to go downstairs and Winston immediately ran after him.

At the same time!

Kidd’s car was already riddled with holes.

His face was as white as a sheet.

“Hurry up! Hurry up!”

There was still quite some distance before they could reach Palmer Group’s office. He felt like he might die anytime now.

Were these people chasing after him all crazy?!

“Hurry up!!” shouted Kidd frantically. Everything should be fine once they reach Palmer Group.

Even though he didn’t like Ethan, he knew what Ethan was capable of.

“We’re almost there!” shouted one of the bodyguards.

They were less than a hundred meters away now!

The car behind suddenly crashed into theirs, causing Kidd’s car to skid and the back tire nearly fell off the car.

There was the sound of metal screeching and sparks started flying!

“Protect Mr L’Oreal!”

The bodyguards couldn’t think too much now. The car couldn’t move anymore, so they quickly opened the car door and ran out while covering Kidd as they made their way on foot to Palmer Group’s office entrance!

It was as if that was their only hope of survival!


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