Billionaire God of War Chapter 1399

Chapter 1399

When they saw that Kidd had alighted from the car, the other two cars immediately stopped and men dashed out of the cars. The knives in their hands gleamed coldly as they quickly ran over.

“Block them!” shouted the bodyguards as some of them stayed behind to fend off the assailants while the rest protected Kidd and continued running towards Palmer Group.

But Kidd was running too slowly.

He wasn’t young anymore, so after running for a while, he was already out of breath. His bodyguards half supported him and half dragged him towards Palmer Group.

100 meters!

80 meters!

50 meters!

The bodyguards couldn’t hold off their assailants for long. These people were professional assassins, so they killed the bodyguards in no time.

“Protect Mr L’Oreal!”

The remaining bodyguards turned to kill off the assailants and only one of them was left to help support Kidd towards Palmer Group.

That was their job and it was their responsibility!

A battle immediately ensued.

Kidd couldn’t even turn back anymore.

He was panting heavily and he felt like his heart was going to come out from his mouth soon.

Blood was surging through his body and he felt terribly warm. He felt like his lungs were going to burst any second now!

His face was deathly pale, and even his vision started to become blurry…

Kidd suddenly lost his balance and fell to the ground. The bodyguard tried to pull him up. “Mr L’Oreal! Get up! Get up quickly!”

“Mr L’Oreal, we have to…AHH!”

Before the bodyguard could finish his words, a knife slit across his throat.

“Mr Kidd, it’s time for you to go.”

The assassin in a mask smiled and looked at Kidd as if he was looking at a pile of US dollars.

So many people were after Kidd’s life and they were going to be the ones who finally got him. They didn’t even care about going after Amelia after this because Kidd’s life alone was worth enough to feed them for many years ahead.

Kidd turned around and his eyes widened when he saw the knife in the assassin’s hand.

“Who are you?! Who hired you?!” he yelled loudly in hope of scaring the assassins. But of course, that was futile.

“Who hired us isn’t important. The important part is that you’re going to die today. Your life is worth US$10 million!”

The assassin didn’t want to waste any more time and raised the knife to slash it hard towards Kidd.

Kidd felt like his entire body had stiffened up.

Suddenly, a figure appeared at a shockingly high speed.

He was like a wild bull that rammed hard into the assassin.

It was accompanied by the sound of bones cracking!

Kidd took a deep breath and even his throat went dry.

“Making trouble at the doorstep of my Big Boss’ office? Did you ask your Brother Winston here for permission first?”

Winston laughed maniacally and looked like a wild beast that had just broken free from its shackles as he started charging towards the other assassins coming from the back.

Kidd turned to see Ethan right beside him. As long as he stood here, this place became a forbidden territory of sorts where nobody was allowed to come near.

“Ethan!” Kidd called out to him and got up immediately. “You…”

“Shut up,” Ethan glanced at Kidd and snapped at him. Kidd’s face instantly reddened but he didn’t dare to say anymore.

“Winston, I told you earlier that all these assassins are yours and I won’t snatch any from you,” said Ethan flatly. “But seriously, why are you so slow? Are you out of practice?”

Winston laughed even more maniacally after hearing these words.

He loved this feeling!

He loved how Ethan wasn’t going to interfere.

Otherwise there’d be no one left for him to bash!

Winston was like a dragon that had gone mad as he bare handedly smashed several assassins on the spot. He was so ferocious that Kidd stared on with his eyes and mouth both wide open.


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