Billionaire God of War Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400

Kidd had witnessed how incredible Ethan was. He had barged into the L’Oreal house all by himself and nobody could hold him back at all.

Who was this Winston? He seemed to listen to everything Ethan said.

This Palmer Group…how many more monsters were hiding inside?

In no time, four or five assassins lay dead on the ground.

One of them wasn’t even in time to take his gun out. Winston had already broken both his arms and he was screaming in pain and kneeling on the floor.

A car from afar quickly started up its engine upon seeing this and Winston ran over like some lunatic.

He jumped onto the bonnet and gave a hard punch!

A spider web looking crack immediately spread across the front windshield.

“AHH!” The person in the car started screaming. Kidd’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when he heard that voice.

“Duncan! It’s you?!” Kidd roared angrily. “You actually got people to come after my life?!”

Duncan didn’t care about anything else now. He spun the steering wheel hard and managed to get Winston off the hood before speeding off without hesitation.

With one Ethan and one Winston around, they couldn’t kill Kidd today even if Ethan didn’t do anything.

Duncan had failed this time. He brought more than a dozen assassins along but not a single one was left alive.

Winston rolled and bounced up immediately to start cursing away, “If you’ve got guts, don’t run away! I’ll prove to you that I’m not rusty yet!”

A few dozen men rushed out from Palmer Group’s doors and looked around warily.

Ethan looked down at Kidd who was still on the ground.

“You’re quite smart. You thought of coming here.” He smiled. “But you seem a little disdainful about it.”

Kidd didn’t look too happy.

He knew that Duncan would definitely try to fight him and would definitely want to take back the Las Vegas portion for the clan. But he didn’t expect Duncan to work with the Assassins Group to kill him!

So all this time, Duncan was the one behind all those people who kept trying to assassinate him and his daughter?

What a bastard!

Amelia said that they had to take the chance to work with Palmer Group and use Ethan’s capability to make sure the Las Vegas portion of the assets were completely independent of the clan.

Kidd felt that they still had time to do this slowly, but now it seemed like there wasn’t a lot of time after all.

Kidd swallowed and stiffened his neck as he replied, “Don’t think that just because you saved my life, I’ll be super grateful to you.”

Ethan laughed, then turned and left.

“Besides those who work for Palmer Group. Nobody else is to step into Palmer Group!” he declared loudly. “Beat up any trespassers and throw them out!”

With that, Ethan walked back into the office and Winston went in after him.

Everyone else returned to the entrance and sealed it off.

Kidd was completely stunned.

This Ethan was being too heartless!

He looked around him and felt like there were still some more assassins waiting to kill him. Once Ethan left, they’d rush out and take his life!

Kidd immediately got to his feet and ran after Ethan without even dusting himself off.

“Punk, are you going to be so unfriendly?!”

He reached Palmer Group’s entrance and was immediately blocked.

“If you’re not one of Palmer Group’s, you’re not allowed inside!”

Kidd was stunned for a while. This was the same security guard that threw him out the last time.


Kidd wanted to speak, but when he saw the look on these people’s faces, he caved in.

“I…I’m one of Palmer Group’s!” Kidd started yelling loudly because Ethan was almost walking out of sight. “The L’Oreals are now officially business partners with Palmer Group, so we’re one of Palmer Group’s, right?”

“Is this how you treat a business partner?”


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