Billionaire God of War Chapter 1401

Chapter 1401

Kidd was shouting away but nobody cared about him.

He immediately started running towards Ethan.

“Ethan! Stop right there! Ethan!” He reached the entrance but the security guards continued to block his way. Kidd got even more anxious and shouted, “The L’Oreals will work with Palmer Group! We’ll be your business partner forever!”

After he shouted this, the security guards let him in.

The moment he walked in, he felt as though he had just gained a new lease of life. There was the relaxed feeling of knowing that he’d survived a great ordeal.

Kidd never thought that this day would come.

He didn’t go upstairs because he didn’t know how to face Ethan. He just sat in the main lobby on the first floor and looked out at the street through the glass.

It was as if this large door had separated two worlds.

Outside was hell, while inside was heaven.

Soon after, Amelia and her men arrived. She saw how Kidd was sitting awkwardly in the lobby with his hair disheveled and she couldn’t help but sigh.

“Are you going to reprimand me?” asked Kidd.

“No.” Amelia shook her head. “As long as you’re fine. Let’s go home.”

She glanced at the elevator and wondered if she should go upstairs to thank Ethan, but she decided against it in the end.

She had asked him for help but he didn’t agree to it. She hadn’t even given him the chance to refuse, so he was probably still pissed about that.

It didn’t matter. She owed him one then. If Ethan wanted her to return the favor, she’d return it.

She was open to anything and was even willing to give herself to Ethan, but he didn’t want her, that’s all.

Amelia brought Kidd home with her.

Ethan sat in the office upstairs while Winston was playing with a swiss army knife.

“Big Boss, you came all the way to Las Vegas just to save them?” Winston didn’t quite understand.

They could have just gone straight to Europe and taken the Assassins Group back. There was no need to come to Las Vegas and save this father and daughter.

What difference did their lives make to Ethan?

“If this faction of the L’Oreal clan gets taken back by the clan, then Vegas will be a mess again, do you understand?”

“If Palmer Group wants to make this place their base, then this part of the L’Oreals has to become independent. Even if they don’t become our partner, they would definitely never be our enemy,” said Ethan seriously. “Palmer Group has to set up its surroundings well and we cannot rely on brute force. In this world, different circles follow different rules, so we can’t just bash our way through all the time.”

He pointed a finger at his head.

“You’ve got to use this.”

Winston laughed and didn’t state any opinion.

He knew that if Ethan intended to use violence to solve this problem, then that wouldn’t be anything too difficult for him.

But what Ethan wanted to do was to let Diane fulfil her dreams without any emotional burden, and to let her slowly gain experience and slowly mature.

When men were in love, somehow they became different from before.

“That’s quite enough, you won’t understand anyway. Get ready, we’re off to Europe!”

Winston immediately brightened up. “I’m all ready!”

The two of them didn’t stay in Las Vegas for long. They left that very night for Europe where the Assassins Group’s headquarters was.


Duncan left in a terrible panic. He didn’t expect himself to fail.

He had brought so many assassins along but not a single one was left standing.

All of them had died at Ethan and Winston’s hands.

He didn’t call anyone from the Assassins Group and just returned to the main L’Oreal clan’s residence.

The main clan lived in an ancient castle in Europe.

The last few centuries had been unable to put out the light in this castle. On the contrary, it seemed more alive than before.

The battered walls were covered with creepers and the plants almost covered the entire wall.

Duncan looked up at the insignia right at the top of the castle. He immediately placed his hand on his heart and started to chant a few words to himself piously.


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