Billionaire God of War Chapter 1402

Chapter 1402

He walked to the entrance, knocked hard on the door and waited by the side quietly.

Ten minutes later, the door was opened and Duncan walked right in.

The lights inside the castle weren’t bright, but they seemed to be able to shine into one’s heart, making those who were devout before even more devout than ever.

Duncan bowed his head as he quickly walked into the main hall. Without looking up at the person sitting in front of him, he fell onto one knee with a thud.

“My Leader!” he called out respectfully.

“Duncan, long time no see,” said an authoritative sounding voice.

Duncan didn’t dare to look up and remained on one knee. “My Leader, I have let you down, I am deeply apologetic about it!”

“Kidd and his family refuse to listen?”

“I’ve tried many methods, from trying to claim the position of becoming the head of the family to trying to talk him round, but it’s useless. Kidd’s family insists on becoming independent and leaving the clan.”

Duncan’s tone became grave. “I have not carried out my duties well, please go ahead and punish me!”


The main hall suddenly fell silent.

Cold sweat was dripping down Duncan’s forehead as if the temperature of the castle had suddenly gone down.

“It seems like using family doesn’t work anymore,” said that same voice again. “Since that’s the case, we shall take it back by force.”

A few figures appeared in front of Duncan. The amount of wind they stirred up made Duncan find it difficult to even keep his eyes open.

“You have one last chance. If you can take back the portion in Las Vegas, I’ll let you live. If not, then these men will bring your head back and throw it into the ancestral hall.”

“Yes, My Leader!”

Duncan didn’t dare to look up at all. He kept his head bowed to avoid eye contact.

He carefully made his way out of the hall. His entire body was covered with perspiration and even his legs were shaking.

He only dared to look up after he walked out of the door. He looked at the few men who walked out with him. They were covered entirely in a cloak.

“Kidd’s family have let down Our Leader and betrayed the L’Oreals. So please come with me to take back the portion in Las Vegas and kill off Kidd’s family!” said Duncan maliciously.

He then left with the men.

At the same time.

Inside the castle, the authoritative sounding man remained in the main hall and sat on a chair that seemed more like a king’s throne. He sat there without moving at all, as if he was glued to the chair.

The entire hall was only left with him.

He quietly sat there and even his eyes didn’t move. He looked more like a sculpture.

After a while, a drop of blood dribbled from the corner of his lips and he slowly looked down.

“Damn it!” he cursed. “Nearly got me killed! He’s really powerful.”

He narrowed his eyes and his breathing quickened but he quickly regained his composure in no time.

“Trying to take away what belongs to the L’Oreals? Dream on!”

He leaned against his chair and exhaled slowly. His expression remained stern and cold, and he carried a terrifying authoritative air that didn’t allow anyone near him.

He wasn’t afraid of that person coming again. Even if he could kill him, he could forget about getting any of the L’Oreals’ treasures.

The most important thing now was to take back all these separate factions of the family and make the clan stronger.

If the family wasn’t powerful enough, then even if it didn’t get taken away this time, what about next time? And the next time?

“I need to quickly take back all the factions, otherwise even the surname L’Oreal might eventually disappear…”


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