Billionaire God of War Chapter 1406

Chapter 1406

The feeling that Winston had was like if he had a lot of really nice movies stored in his computer and when he lent it to someone, that person used cut and paste instead of copy and took everything out…

Anyone in this predicament would feel like exploding!

The Assassins Group had existed for so many years but His Lordship never touched them. Why did he do this now?

Furthermore, attacking the Assassins Group just to get information sounded like a lot of trouble for nothing. If he wanted any information, he could just pay for it. Why take such a big risk?

Ethan looked at the screen. Everything on it showed that there was nothing valuable left in the system and everything useful had already been taken away.

“You can’t find any traces at all?” He looked at Winston. “Don’t beat around the bush with me.”

“Heh heh, Big Boss knows me the best.”

Winston seemed to be waiting for Ethan to ask him this. He quickly keyed in a whole pile of code and hit the return key with great flourish.

The words on the screen started to jump.

Winston’s fingers typed even more quickly and the words continued to jump even more quickly.


Winston was proud to declare that he had succeeded.

A few keywords appeared on the screen.

Ethan took a look and his eyes instantly narrowed.

“As expected, His Lordship is only after the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. But I didn’t expect the L’Oreal clan to hold one page.”

One of the keywords was Extreme Fist Technique Manual and another keyword was L’Oreal.

Ethan didn’t expect an overseas power to have a page of the manual.

“Big Boss, I still have another opinion on this.” Winston tossed out his cheeky expression and even stopped eating his lollipop as he said very sternly and seriously, “Do you have a feeling that His Lordship seems to be deliberately leading you to find the next page of the manual?”

The two of them looked at each other.

Ethan had thought about this long ago.

And that was precisely why he wondered whether His Lordship was an enemy or a friend.

He couldn’t be called a friend since he allowed his subordinates to attack Diane. But he couldn’t be considered an enemy either since he kept leading Ethan to every page of the manual.

If not for that, Ethan would only have one page and not three pages now.

“That’s hard to tell,” replied Ethan. “I still don’t know who he is and I don’t sense any familiarity from him.”

He had made some guesses on who His Lordship could possibly be, but he eliminated all those people he thought of in the end.

“This sort of person is very well hidden and he’s disguised himself excellently. He won’t tear off his mask until the very end, so nobody will ever know if his heart is red or black,” replied Ethan seriously.

Winston nodded.

“Since that’s the case, I’m afraid we just have to try our best to hunt down all the pages of the manual. I’m sure he’ll remove his mask by the time that happens.”

Ethan didn’t say anymore.

Even though he didn’t get the actual information the Assassins Group information network had, these two keywords were enough.

Come to think of it, perhaps His Lordship left these two keywords behind on purpose.

The two of them walked out of the server room. Not a single person in the headquarters could still stand up.

“Where are we headed next?” asked Winston. “To the L’Oreal clan? Or…”

His Lordship had the upper hand in this chess game, and even if he had really left those clues behind on purpose, he wouldn’t let Ethan have the manual so easily.

It was now a matter of who was faster!

“Back to Vegas,” said Ethan.

His eyes sparkled as he thought through everything that had happened and slowly pieced them into one complete clue. Everything was becoming clearer now.

“Vegas is my territory now. I call the shots and I’m not going to let anybody make trouble there!”


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