Billionaire God of War Chapter 1407

Chapter 1407

His Lordship had been leading him along to find the next page of the manual and he seemed to be more on the ball about this than Ethan was.

Not only had Ethan noticed this, but even Winston had also noticed it.

Out of the nine pages the manual had, Ethan had three on himself. All three pages were different.

He had studied the moves on each page and mastered them, but he still had no clues about the map behind the pages.

Even someone as incredibly intelligent as Winston wasn’t able to discover the secret of the map through these three pieces.

Perhaps it would take time to discover all the secrets of the map even after they got all nine pages together.

The number of people and factions of power this manual involved were many.

Within China, the reclusive clans of martial artists still hadn’t made any move.

Outside of China, His Lordship continued on his search. The new lead he had was the L’Oreal clan, a huge family with centuries of history behind it!


In the L’Oreal house in Las Vegas.

The atmosphere in the house was tense.

“I don’t agree!” Kidd slammed the table and shouted loudly, “The Las Vegas section must make sure that it remains independent from the clan! There is no room for negotiation!”

He didn’t expect the different families to ask to vote about whether they should return to the clan or not.

Dawson’s family strongly requested to return to the clan and to seek the clan’s help.

This sudden push only amused Kidd.

“The L’Oreal surname has been around for centuries now, but more and more factions have slowly become independent. This is not correct.” Dawson was still in a wheelchair and his face was a little pale, but he was still as domineering as ever.

He didn’t hide any of the hatred in his eyes when he looked at Kidd and Amelia.

“My suggestion is to return the Las Vegas portion to the clan. This isn’t just what my family wants, but also what the clan wants.”

He looked around at the other families and his voice suddenly turned cold.

“The factions in Europe have vanished precisely because they refused to return to the clan.”

“Do you want to vanish as well?”

He rapped a finger lightly on the table and looked at the shock and uneasiness on everyone’s faces. “Returning to the clan will only benefit us and not harm us. That’s my suggestion, but you guys can decide what to do.”

Dawson didn’t say anymore and just stared straight at Kidd and Amelia.

Now that this news was known to everyone, he wanted to see how Amelia and Kidd were going to convince these clearly wavering people.

Kidd’s expression was nasty.

Duncan had teamed up with assassins to kill him and his daughter and he hadn’t settled that feud yet.

And now, his family was trying to pressurize him into returning to the clan?

“There’s no need to vote on this matter!” Kidd scoffed and didn’t give the rest a chance to consider anything. “I am the head of this family and I have the right to throw out any suggestions. I will throw out this suggestion right now!”

“Also, Dawson, from today onwards, you will no longer be part of the L’Oreal family. You shall not possess this surname anymore!”

Kidd didn’t hold back at all. “If you want it back, you can go to the clan and ask to be a L’Oreal again. But you will not be one of us here!”

Dawson’s expression changed slightly.

“Are you sure about this?”

Kidd looked at Amelia, then stiffened his expression. The determination in his eyes had no intention of giving in.

“Men!” he yelled loudly. “Throw Dawson out right now!”


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