Billionaire God of War Chapter 1408

Chapter 1408

In no time, two men came in to wheel Dawson out.

Kidd could sense that everyone else at the table had their own opinions.

He could feel their uneasiness, their anxiety, their fright and their fear.

Everyone left after the meeting was over.

Kidd remained seated at the table and he looked like he had suddenly aged a lot.

“The clan is going to make a move,” he sighed. “I should have known. They wanted to take us back peacefully but Duncan failed. So they’re definitely going to take us back by force.”

Many factions had already been taken back by force, and their tactics were powerful and ruthless.

“They’re going to do so tonight, aren’t they?” Amelia seemed very calm.

She had predicted this day would come.

Either they remained independent or they went back to the clan. Every faction of the L’Oreals faced only these two possibilities.

The generations before them had worked so hard to become independent. Were they going to fail now?

This wasn’t the ending she wanted.

“Father, we’ve prepared for this over so many years and we can’t turn back now.” Amelia stood up. “If that person can’t help us, then we have to fight for ourselves.”

Kidd looked at Amelia and nodded deeply.

After leaving the L’Oreal house, Dawson sat in his car. He looked back with a cold smile on his face.

“Let’s go,” he said quietly.

The car slowly drove out from the L’Oreal house. Dawson knew that he would be back in no time, and he would be back as the king.

As long as this faction went back to the clan, he would be the leader of this faction.

Being loyal and contributing to the clan was the right thing for them to do. Then only would they be worthy to carry this highly respected surname that the clan gave them.

In the suburbs several kilometers away from Las Vegas.

Dawson’s car slowly came to a stop. His subordinates carried him into his wheelchair and pushed him into an estate.

This estate was rundown and looked like nobody had lived here for a long time.

The wind blew and the fallen leaves on the ground rustled quietly.

Dawson pushed his wheelchair to a tree as he looked at Duncan. Duncan had a look of impending victory on his face.

“Our Leader must be furious.”

“But of course.” Duncan turned around. “I’m sure you made the suggestion and Kidd threw it out. Right?”

Dawson nodded.

“Tsk, that stupid idiot. He’d definitely throw it out because he thinks he can become independent. What a joke!”

“What’s the point of leaving the clan? Then why hold onto the surname L’Oreal? What a fool!”

Duncan scoffed and his lips curled up slightly, “Tonight. After tonight, the surname L’Oreal will truly become meaningful.”

“Are we making our move tonight?” Dawson was terribly excited.

“That’s right. We’re making our move tonight. The clan has sent people who can finish Kidd and his family off easily!”

“What about Ethan? What about Palmer Group?”

Dawson’s expression suddenly became threatening and he looked like a wild beast that had gone mad.

When he thought about how he still wasn’t able to stand yet, he was filled with hatred for Ethan.

This idiot actually injured him so severely. He wasn’t going to take this lying down.

“Don’t worry, once you’re in control of the L’Oreals in Las Vegas, then taking down one Palmer Group will be a piece of cake.”

Duncan narrowed his eyes and laughed coldly.

Once he took back this faction, everything would be within his control!

With the support of the clan, they would become incredibly powerful. This Ethan and Palmer Group would be nothing to him!

One tiny Palmer Group was too small in the face of a clan that had been in power for centuries after all.


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