Billionaire God of War Chapter 1409

Chapter 1409

At night.

It was ridiculously dark.

This city was filled with lights and night activities, but the L’Oreals were so silent. This surprised many people.

Everyone knew that Las Vegas was calm on the surface, but it was anything but calm underneath.

It was like the surface of the sea that seemed quiet, but the current underneath were powerful.

With one quiet sound, the balance was upset.

A black shadow flashed past, then another figure fell heavily onto the ground.

Fresh blood flowed everywhere, dying all the flowers and grass around the dead bodies red.

A few shadows flashed past like this and they moved extremely quickly!

The lights in the living room were all on.

It was the middle of the night, but Kidd was still not asleep.

He knew someone was on their way!

“I’m not leaving.” Amelia shook her head. Kidd told her to leave first but she refused.

“I’m a member of this family, so I’m not leaving. The other families under us have either secretly surrendered or have escaped. We want to be independent, but we’re too weak, so they have broken through our defenses easily.”

Kidd shook his head and sighed. “Do you know why the clan insists on taking everything back?”

Of course Amelia knew.

“It’s for the sake of resources. They want half the resources of every faction so that the clan continues to be strong.”

“That’s not really why.” Kidd narrowed his eyes. A glint flashed at the back of his eyes.

“They’re afraid.”

Amelia was surprised.

“They’re afraid of some people, they’re afraid of some things. They’re afraid that they won’t be strong enough to protect certain things…” Kidd’s voice was low and quiet, and there was even a tinge of despair and relief in his voice.

It was as though he was suddenly unafraid to die now.

“Perhaps you were right to choose Palmer Group and Ethan.” He looked at Amelia and said, “I’ve already tested him more than once and he is indeed very powerful. I thought that if we fail, at least you could stay alive and look for him.”


“Hurry up and leave!” Kidd roared.

He could sense something in the air. Since Duncan dared to be so bold, it meant that he had the support of the Clan Leader.

Since he could make a comeback, it meant that highly skilled fighters from the clan were here!

Those…truly terrifying highly skilled fighters that remained hidden in the darkness!

“I’m not leaving!” Amelia was just as determined. “I’m the next head of the family, so I’m going to stay here!”


Before Kidd could say anything, someone kicked the door open from outside.

Duncan walked in with large strides. Behind him was Dawson, as well as a few figures covered with blood and emanating a terrifying aura.

“It’s too late to leave now.” Duncan laughed merrily. “Kidd, you should have known that this day would come! HAHAHAHA!”

He walked over to their usual meeting table and flipped it over.

“Today, I will make a suggestion to remove you as the head of the family. From today onwards, the Las Vegas faction of the L’Oreals will be returned to the clan!”

“Dream on!” roared Kidd.

“Kill him!” Duncan didn’t want to waste time talking.

One of the men behind Duncan whooshed over. There was nobody to hold them back at all.

Kidd’s neck was in his hands and he couldn’t move an inch.

“Stop right there!” yelled Amelia angrily.

But nobody would listen to her.

Dawson slowly got up from the wheelchair and looked lecherously at Amelia’s face.

“I told you that returning to the clan was the best choice but neither of you wanted to listen to me. Must you force me to use such a method instead?” said Dawson flatly.

He slowly walked towards Amelia and his expression made him look like a demon!

“Kill Kidd!” said Duncan calmly. “I’ll leave Amelia to you.”


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