Billionaire God of War Chapter 2379

Chapter 2379

Kye thought that this was very interesting. Her mother told her that fire and water did not mix.

But that substance was clearly on fire.

“Wow! It’s flying!” exclaimed Kye suddenly as she pointed to a bit of lava that splashed out.

When she saw the sparks, she squeaked in shock and hid behind Greedy Wolf.

He reached a hand out and sent the lava flying away.

“What are you scared of?” he grumbled. “Is it fun here?”

“It’s fun!” Kye stuck her head out. She wasn’t really afraid at all, and even started grinning happily. “Can we go nearer?”

“No.” Greedy Wolf turned her down immediately.

He turned and started walking away. Kye caught up with him and used one hand to cling onto his sleeve as she looked up at him. “Where are we going next? What other fun places are there?”

She was already sick of playing within his place of residence. She had run up and down several times to find that there was nothing else to play with, so she went to bother Greedy Wolf again. He became so angry that he nearly sent everything in the room flying with a slam, but he still ended up taking the little girl out for a walk.

“What’s over there? Can we go over and look?”


“Let’s go, let’s goooo! Just take a look? Can’t we just take a look? Pleeeeassse…”

Her cute whining really made it hard for Greedy Wolf to refuse her.

He even started regretting bringing Kye here. This little girl was way harder to deal with than anybody else.

So even though he told her no, he still carried Kye, took a huge step forward, and covered a large distance in just one second…

At the same time, Darius and the other Court Chiefs were gathered together.

Nobody expected the situation to turn out like this.

“Has the door to the Underworld been opened?” Darius knew that once Kye was captured, Ethan and the rest wouldn’t just sit still and do nothing. They would definitely rush over as soon as they could. Darius and the rest could just wait for Ethan and Greedy Wolf to fight it out, and they’d just wait to take all the spoils from their showdown.

“Miss Celaine is back, but we didn’t see anybody else,” someone shook his head. “Is it because they don’t know how to come in?”

Darius frowned.

“Humph, he’d definitely think of something. He wouldn’t just let his daughter be in danger like this. We can’t afford to waste any time and we can’t let him realize what’s going on. That little girl is not what he is looking for, so if he finds out, we’re in trouble.”

Darius knew that Greedy Wolf wasn’t stupid and quite scheming. If Greedy Wolf found out that Kye wasn’t what he wanted but the result of someone tweaking the geomantic compass, they’d all die for sure.

“Think of a way to open the door and let them in,” said one of them.

Everyone was afraid that something would go wrong.

Darius glanced at him. “Would he trust us?”

He smiled coldly on the outside, but he was trying to figure out what Greedy Wolf was doing. His behavior wasn’t normal at all. Why would the almighty Demon King even care about a little girl?

Could he have found out the truth?

Darius turned and noticed that Vinny had not spoken all this time.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Vinny replied, “What do you want me to say?”

“Don’t you think there’s something weird about all of this?”

Darius looked a little warily at Vinny. He somehow felt that there was a slight change about Vinny compared to before. “Are you hiding something from us?”

“What could I possibly be hiding from all of you?” said Vinny flatly. “I’ve already done everything you asked me to, and we’re at the last step now. Don’t tell me you still want me to do more?”

He shook his head and refused Darius.

All eyes turned back to Darius.

He agreed to lead them and they had reached the most crucial point in their plans. If he still didn’t stand up and do something and something went wrong, they were all going to die.

Darius smiled.

“Of course I’d do it,” he scoffed. “Counting on all of you is pointless.”

“Tell you what, I’ll go and fetch Ethan and the rest, while the rest of you get ready. I believe we’ll be enjoying freedom soon, so we can celebrate when the time comes!”


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