Billionaire God of War Chapter 2382

Chapter 2382

A huge crater instantly appeared in the floor.

Juan’s mouth was wide open as he spewed fresh blood from his mouth. He hadn’t even had the time to scream. His eyes were wide open as he died on the spot.

Until the moment he died, he would never have thought that taking the initiative to bring Ethan in would result in his own death.

Peter Pan was really shocked. Ethan’s prowess was simply too terrifying.

In just the blink of an eye, these few people from the Underworld had been completely wiped out by him.

He could tell that Juan was not bad himself, and could be considered a highly skilled fighter. He wouldn’t have been too far off from Peter Pan when Peter Pan was younger. But he couldn’t even hold up against one move from Ethan.

“Is that the best the Underworld has?” said Peter Pan. “Looks like it’s pretty far from what I imagined.”

He eyed Ethan.

Ethan didn’t say anything and didn’t look at Juan’s body. The aggressive aura he unleashed earlier slowly dissipated. He was so furious earlier, it wouldn’t have mattered what Juan said.

He was just like Darius, attempting to get close to Ethan with ulterior motives in mind. But this time, they had involved Kye as well.

That was what Ethan couldn’t stand the most.

“Let’s find her first.” Ethan took a deep breath and broke his silence. “No matter what, we’ve got to save Kye first. We’ll leave the rest for another time.”

“Sure.” Peter Pan nodded.

Their aim was very clear. They had entered this place in order to rescue Kye. As long as anybody tried to harm the little girl, they wouldn’t let that person off!


Darius and the rest were beginning to gather their peoples.

They knew very well that Ethan would come in fury and would not take this lying down. Even though Kye was still well and alive, Ethan’s tail had already been stepped on, so he would certainly turn the Underworld upside down.

They knew a little about how terrifying this man was, but they weren’t bothered by it. After all, Ethan was targeting Greedy Wolf alone.

It was Greedy Wolf’s fault for capturing his daughter anyway.

“All of you, listen up!” shouted Darius loudly. “The future is yours!”

“We have to fight for ourselves!”

“The era of the Demon King should have ended long ago! We want to welcome our own era!”

“From today onwards, all of you will no longer be slaves to the Demon King, but you will live your own lives!”

Darius made bold declarations that sounded grand and noble. He wasn’t going to let anyone feel like they were actually working for him. He wanted everybody to think that they were basically fighting for their own benefit.

Following him would lead them to a better and prosperous future. He was a practical choice.

All the soldiers were very excited. They had always been following Darius and their loyalties lay with Darius.

It had been many years since the Demon King had disappeared. Each of the Court Chiefs ruled their own courts like separate territories, and several battles later, they had settled into their own comfortable arrangement.

But now, the Demon King had suddenly returned and wanted them to become his slaves again. They weren’t going to accept that.

None of them was willing to accept that.

Darius started shouting to rile up the people, and they responded in unison.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Their shouts reverberated through the air.

Darius pumped his fist into the air and shouted loudly.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The response of the soldiers was even louder, and their chants were ear deafening.

Darius had waited for this day for a long time now.

Once Greedy Wolf was dead, nobody in the Underworld would be able to go against him.

The other Court Chiefs were no better.

Everyone was thinking the same thing and had their own ulterior motives. They pretended to work with one another only because that was the only way they could bring down a strong enemy.

Once they had finished off the biggest threat to them, they would start fighting among themselves.

“Court Chief, there’s no news from Juan,” a subordinate came forward to report on the latest situation.

Juan had volunteered to bring Ethan in and lead him to Greedy Wolf. They were all here waiting for the two men to start killing each other, and they would swoop in to take all the spoils after the big fight.

But there was still no news till now.

“This piece of trash. Can’t even get a small matter done right,” Darius frowned. Everyone was ready to go, so if Juan’s side went wrong, they were in trouble.

“Where’s the Demon King?” he asked.


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