Billionaire God of War Chapter 2383

Chapter 2383

“At the deepest part of the Underworld,” replied the subordinate. “The little girl is there too, I’m not sure what they’re doing.”

Darius scoffed. He just needed to know where Greedy Wolf was. As for that little girl, she was just there as bait to lure Ethan into the Underworld, so she wasn’t important at all.

Of course, if Greedy Wolf ended up killing the little girl, the effect would be better. Ethan would definitely make sure Greedy Wolf died for it!

Darius started to contemplate several options in his mind.

“You, go and arrange for a few men,” he whispered, “and tell them to get ready. Once there’s a chance, get them to kill the little girl, understand?”

“Got it!”

Darius quietly continued to wait for news from Juan. His mission was simple. He just needed to lead Ethan to Greedy Wolf.

Surely he could accomplish something as simple as that, right?


At the deepest part of the Underworld.

A dried up lakebed stood before Greedy Wolf and Kye. There had been clearly no sign of liquid in years.

Greedy Wolf frowned slightly and it was hard to tell what he was thinking about. Kye was running and jumping next to him, curiously poking at the cracks in the ground from time to time.

“Why are there cracks here? Is there something inside?”

Her curiosity never slowed down, especially since she was in a place like the Underworld. There were many things here that she wouldn’t be able to see outside of this place.

“Don’t simply touch these things.” Greedy Wolf glanced at her and his tone of voice was a little distant. “Didn’t your Master ever teach you not to touch anything dangerous?”

He knew that Kye wasn’t the real Eye of the Spring, so he wasn’t really bothered by her presence. But she was Ethan’s daughter. If anything happened to her, he’d be inviting trouble.

Also, she was Peter Pan’s disciple too, so Greedy Wolf did an old acquaintance a favor by leaving the little girl alone.

Besides, Kye was very adorable. It had only been a short time, but Greedy Wolf had enjoyed a relaxed and happy time that he had never felt before. But of course, he didn’t display any of this.

“It’s not dangerous,” said Kye with a bright smile on her face as she jabbed her finger into the cracks on the ground. “Look, I’ve put my finger in, and nothing has happened.”

Greedy Wolf frowned and was ready to scold her for doing this. Lava lay beneath all these cracks, and that was enough to burn Kye alive.

The lava in this lake had temporarily dried up and could only be revived when he found the last Eye of the Spring.

Just as he opened his mouth, the ground trembled slightly.

Greedy Wolf’s expression changed slightly. The cracks in the lakebed began to change, especially when Kye stuck her fingers into the cracks. It was behaving like a thirsty and hungry person who had been wandering in the desert for too long and suddenly spotted water.

There was excitement in the air.

Greedy Wolf stared at Kye in disbelief as he watched the change happening to the lake.

How was this possible?

“Uncle, look! It’s not dangerous, right? They’re even playing with my finger,” said Kye with a big smile on her face as she continued to play happily.

“They’re…they’re playing with your finger?” said Greedy Wolf in utter astonishment.

Kye pulled out her finger. A spark was stuck to it, which looked both like liquid and a flame at the same time. But she didn’t feel any pain at all.

“That’s right! See, these little fellows are even licking my fingertips.”

Greedy Wolf felt his head tremble as he stared at this scene before him in shock. After that, his gaze slowly turned cold and emanated a murderous air.

The Eye of the Spring!

Kye had actually turned out to be the Eye of the Spring!

How could this be possible?

Darius had clearly done something to the geomantic compass so that it would end up capturing Kye, which would in turn lure Ethan into the Underworld to fight him. So how…

He couldn’t believe it. But the only thing that could touch the lava unharmed was the Eye of the Spring.

Kye had actually turned out to be the last Eye of the Spring.

The look on Greedy Wolf’s face changed completely. His gaze was icy and vicious, and a cruel vibe began to seep out of his body.

But Kye didn’t know anything. She was still exclaiming in wonder and staring at her own fingers excitedly. “Uncle, look! It’s so fun! Look!”


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