Billionaire God of War Chapter 2384

Chapter 2384

Greedy Wolf ignored her. His eyes became more and more frosty.

His second pair of pupils appeared again.

He kept his eye on Kye. Through this random series of twists and turns, the last Eye of the Spring had actually appeared in this manner before his very eyes.

All that waiting and watching hadn’t been for nothing after all.

Not even Darius would have ever thought that Kye would turn out to be the very thing he was looking for. His original plan had inadvertently fulfilled Greedy Wolf’s bigger plan.

“Uncle, do you want to play too?”

Kye hopped back to Greedy Wolf and looked up at him. The smile on her face showed that she was in a great mood.

She thrust her fingers out at him to go as close as possible to Greedy Wolf, so that this man who didn’t seem to like bending down could have fun with this lava as well.

Greedy Wolf didn’t say anything. He stretched his hand out and a large amount of energy started swirling in the palm of his hand.

He pulled his hand back and aimed it at Kye’s head. Once this palm went down, he would crush her head easily!

This Eye of the Spring had literally walked right up to his doorstep.

“Stop!” A voice suddenly rang out from afar.

Celaine dashed over and glared at Greedy Wolf when she saw that he was about to strike the little girl. Her body was trembling all over. “Greedy Wolf, stop it right now!

She seldom got angry. But this time, she was really furious.

“I said, stop!”

When she saw that Greedy Wolf didn’t intend to stop, she gave a low shout and slammed a palm straight into his shoulder, causing him to move backwards. She quickly stood in front of Kye.

He stared at Celaine. This hit didn’t affect him much physically, but he was surprised that Celaine would actually hit him for Kye.

“Miss Fairy! Why did you hit Uncle?”

Kye didn’t understand what was really going on. She just saw that Celaine had hit Greedy Wolf in the shoulder, so she got anxious for him. “Uncle, does it hurt?”

She was only a child and didn’t know a lot. She only knew that Greedy Wolf was someone who took her out to play, fed her yummy food and was an old friend of her Master.

“Kye, don’t go over!” Celaine pulled her back when she tried to toddle over. “He will hurt you!”

Kye didn’t believe her. “Uncle won’t hurt me! He’s Master’s friend. Miss Fairy, you must be mistaken.”

She blinked her huge eyes as she first looked at Celaine, then at Greedy Wolf. “Uncle, tell her. You won’t hurt me, right?”

Greedy Wolf’s second set of pupils gleamed murderously.

“No, I’m going to kill you.” His voice had changed, as if that Demon King had returned.

He stared at Kye. “You are very important to me, so you must die.”

Kye was stunned and Celaine’s expression was aghast. She could tell that this voice did not belong to Greedy Wolf.

She was now faced with the actual Demon King.

The Demon King had not been completely destroyed and was still hiding within Greedy Wolf’s body. After discovering the Eye of the Spring, the Demon King’s soul had been awakened.

“Watch out!” yelled Celaine. She didn’t dare to take Greedy Wolf’s attack head on, so she carried Kye, turned and ran.

But Greedy Wolf was too fast for her!

In the blink of an eye, he had already caught up with her. His second pupils were able to foresee how Celaine would run, so she simply couldn’t shake him off.

He thrust a palm forward. Celaine also raised her palm and met with his. She made use of the momentum from his palm to help her escape.

“Greedy Wolf!” bellowed Celaine. “Wake up! Are you going to kill me too?!”

Greedy Wolf remained expressionless. His gaze now made Celaine feel like he was a complete stranger. This fellow wasn’t Greedy Wolf at all!

It was clear that the Demon King had now taken control of the body, and Greedy Wolf’s soul had been suppressed instead.

Celaine knew that nothing she said now would work. It was more important to take Kye as far from this place and Greedy Wolf as possible.

She was running as quickly as she could, but Greedy Wolf was too fast. He hopped over her and blocked her way.

“Leave the girl,” said Greedy Wolf in a raspy voice as his entire body emanated a murderous aura.


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