Billionaire God of War Chapter 2387

Chapter 2387

“The Extreme Fist Technique. Never expected it to still be in circulation,” Greedy Wolf said in a gravelly voice.

Ethan’s eyes narrowed in response. It would appear to him that the Extreme Fist Technique’s origins were even more esoteric than he had once believed, so much so that even the Demon King was aware of it.

The duo stared each other down. After that intense exchange, each of them had gained a more adequate understanding of how they measured up against the other.

Being able to match up with himself on equal footing in a mortal body, the phenomenal prowess that Ethan presently possessed came to Greedy Wolf as a tremendous surprise.

Certainly, having only a sliver of the Demon King’s remnant soul on him meant that he was not able to unleash its full potency, but Ethan’s capability had nevertheless exceeded his own expectations.

What was more astonishing to him was the uniqueness of Ethan’s body in being able to grow from stronger in strength as he went along. Should they continue this way, Greedy Wolf figured that he might eventually find himself on the losing end.

Should he trip up right now with the soul of the Demon King yet to fully awaken, he figured that the opportunity that he had waited years for would truly go to waste.


Having read Greedy Wolf’s intention to leave from the subtle shift in the weight of the former’s foot, Ethan immediately closed in to set himself across the former’s path.

“Are you thinking about walking away?” Ethan snorted. “Don’t think that it’ll be that easy!”

He then steadily gestured at his counterpart with a raised fist.

“Regardless of whether you are Greedy Wolf or Demon King, the penalty for harming my daughter is death!”

With that, Ethan held nothing back and barrelled toward Greedy Wolf with an array of devastating moves!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dauntless and desolating, Ethan’s fists descended like the wrath of heaven. The mountains seemed to quake with every blow that landed, and Greedy Wolf was forced back in retreat from that furious barrage.

“Such arrogance from you, you ignorant whelp!”

Greedy Wolf roared and attempted to cow Ethan with his intimidating gaze, but Ethan remained unshaken. Never mind that glare, the man’s rage had pretty much made him impervious to it and possibly anything else more potent that could be thrown at him.

The pair were back in the thick of it, and the savagery of their duel turned night to day and shook the very foundations of heaven and earth itself.

Peter Pan shielded Kye while he narrowed his eyelids to a slit to prevent the sandstorm from penetrating his eyes.

“Extraordinary,” Celaine could not help but gasp as she looked upon Peter Pan. “It might be possible that his strength has surpassed even you.”

In that era of lawlessness, the trio that included Peter Pan stood at the pinnacle head and shoulders above all others. Now, having drunk from the Longevity Pond, the invigorated Peter Pan was even more powerful than he once was.

Yet, the ability that Ethan demonstrated in being able to overpower Greedy Wolf the way he did prove to be even more petrifying.

That yielded a snort from the indifferent Peter Pan. “Every successive generation would surpass the one that preceded. This is to be expected, and more so when you consider who he is.”

Mastery of the Extreme Fist Technique had seemingly taken Ethan to whole new heights. Even as a mortal, he was one who was capable of going toe to toe with the gods themselves!

However, Ethan still needed time to develop as the formation lines were the real ace up his sleeve.

Peter Pan’s expression was somber. What change has this era undergone that could have roused even the remnant spirit Demon King? Or could there be more variables abound?

“My daddy’s simply awesome, Master.” Behind him, a very excited Kye exclaimed, “Why is he fighting with Uncle, though?”

“He’s not your uncle, cause you’re not related,” replied Peter Pan with his eyes widened in displeasure. “In any case, you should just address him as Mr. Greedy Wolf!”

“Uh, okay.” Kye spat out her tongue sheepishly and spoke no more.

When the little girl cast her gaze to where Ethan and Greedy Wolf were battling in the distance, her eyes were not filled with fear. Instead, they were filled with great exhilaration. So that is what a real fight looks like. It seems like so much fun!

Unbeknownst to Peter Pan, a single seed had suddenly rooted itself and began to sprout steadily inside Kye’s heart…


In accompaniment with a loud bang, Greedy Wolf was sent scuttling backward. His clothing had been ripped asunder at the chest, exposing his chiseled torso.


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