Billionaire God of War Chapter 2388

Chapter 2388

The look with his eyes when he regarded Ethan was that of bewilderment almost to the point of disbelief with regard to the formidability of the man who stood before him.

Greedy Wolf smirked as though somewhat intrigued. “This is truly unexpected. Interesting… very interesting!”

As his gaze grew colder, it evoked a ravenous blood-lust over time.

That promptly put Celaine and Peter Pan on guard and led them to shield Kye protectively behind them.

“Be careful, Ethan! Something’s off about him!”

They both knew that Greedy Wolf was no longer himself, for the remnant soul of the Demon King had overtaken the former’s consciousness and reduced him to a mere vessel.

Nobody could have anticipated that, in spite of all his own meticulous estimations, this fate could have befallen him.

On the other hand, Ethan remained unfazed in the face of the shift in Greedy Wolf’s aura.


Tightening his fists in preparation for the battle ahead of him, he was determined to see things through with Greedy Wolf this day—no way was he going to back down.

Prepare yourself to pay the price for harming my daughter!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Seemingly simultaneously, Ethan and Greedy Wolf both reacted. The ensuing clash elicited an explosive boom.

Energy rolled and surged when their two fists crashed against each other, and the two combatants became the epicenter of a flood of shock waves that sent dust spiraling into the air all around them.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

They both attacked like two feral beasts with bodies of steel as they went at each other, and the force of their punches hit like hurricanes.

“What terrifying power!”

Celaine held a hand over her eyes so as to avoid being blinded by the dust storm. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined herself witnessing the emergence of such a fearsome warrior in this day and age.

In contrast, Peter Pan was a little less emotionally overwhelmed. Ethan’s prowess had long been a known commodity for him, even though Ethan’s accomplishment in this regard had far exceeded his expectations too.

That got him thinking whether the present Ethan could already have surpassed Broken Soldier in his heyday.

What made it even more unnerving was that the evolution of Ethan’s ability was still a work in progress. In fact, he had yet to pull out his other trump card at this stage of the battle.

The formation lines!

Peter Pan merely stood in silence as he held Kye behind him.

Little Kye, on the other hand, was not rattled. Quietly poking her little head out, her eyes lit up as she followed the ferocious challenge Ethan was putting up against Greedy Wolf.

“Are you afraid, Princess?” Peter Pan asked.

“I’m not afraid.” Kye said. “Is my daddy very powerful, Master?”


For a stern man who spoke sparingly like Peter Pan, even one word of admission would be hard to come by.

“Then, will I become as powerful as Daddy when I grow up?” The girl tilted her head to regard Peter Pan with a mixture of inquisitiveness and anticipation.

Those pristine, bright eyes jogged Peter Pan’s memories of the first time he laid eyes upon her. It was precisely the recognition of this child’s prodigious gifts that drew him to her.

The thought of that made him lament his own shortcomings as a teacher that could have inhibited the child’s progress.

It then suddenly occurred to him that he should not coddle Kye too much. If he was acting in her own interest, he ought to help her understand how cruel this world could be and instill in her the notion that she needed to be strong enough to protect herself and those around her.

Ultimately, he would not be able to remain by her side indefinitely. Likewise, for Ethan. Even with the aid of the water from the Longevity Pond, who could possibly live forever?

“You’ll surely be stronger than both your daddy and Master in the future, Princess.” Peter Pan drew a deep drawl before he continued, “When that time comes, it’d be your turn to protect your daddy and me!”

Kye was even more hyped when she heard that and nodded as she clenched her fists. “Yes! I can protect you both, Master!”


The carnage between Ethan and Greedy Wolf persisted in the midst of a tempest that raged all around them.

The shadow of their silhouette clashed and separated themselves for the briefest instant before they collided again, in a seemingly endless cycle.


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