Billionaire God of War Chapter 2389

Chapter 2389

It was as though there was no finesse invoked between them, only brute force, and nothing more fanciful to it than the outright contention of raw power.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Once more, Greedy Wolf was sent staggering back at least ten steps. The long robe he had on him was now reduced to tatters.

Streaks of crimson marred his chest, all of which were inflicted by Ethan’s knuckles.

Any single one of those strikes would have killed a person outright. But on Greedy Wolf’s body, they only showed up as cuts.

Even Ethan was a little marveled by the toughness of that body.

What he did not notice was the even greater look of astonishment in Greedy Wolf’s eyes. Over the course of their exchanges to this point, the latter’s body was adorned with countless wounds while Ethan’s showed nary a blemish!

Greedy Wolf breathed in deeply. There was a subtle shift in his gaze, and it was as if Greedy Wolf’s own spirit had begun to joust for control over the body anew.

It would be impossible for him to express his own potency effectively fighting under these circumstances, and he considered that the repercussions of this situation might be even more far-reaching.

With eyes narrowed, he regarded Ethan. “You’re good. Stay alive, so that in time, I may come to take your life myself.”

Following that, he glanced over to Kye, the last Source that he was similarly determined to stake his claim on.

Then, Greedy Wolf turned his back and disappeared without a trace, faster than the eye can see.

Ethan forwent pursuit and heaved heavily several times in order to recover himself.

Dueling with a fearsome warrior like Greedy Wolf was no mean feat. The fact that he managed to do so earlier was sufficiently shocking to everyone who witnessed it.


When Ethan approached, the little girl swiftly threw herself into his arms.

“Daddy! Are you alright?” Kye’s concern was palpable on her face.

“I’m fine.” Relieved, Ethan inhaled and gave Kye a peck on her little cheeks. “There’s nothing for you to worry about, Princess.”

Seeing that Kye was alright, he could finally set his own fretting mind at ease.

“Did that fellow hurt you?”

“Were you referring to Uncle?”

Kye tilted her head, almost quizzically. “He didn’t! He’s been awfully nice to me and took me places to eat and play. I had a really great time!”

She paused after she finished.

“Is he a bad guy, Daddy?”

A reasonable query since she had seen Greedy Wolf and Ethan fight.

“Sometimes he is, and at other times… It’s hard to say.”

Ethan was unsure as to how to explain that to Kye, as he did not want to tarnish the purity and goodness that was in the child’s heart. “You must not place yourself in danger. Do bear this in mind, you hear?”

“I must learn how to protect myself.”

“Alright, I’ll remember that!”

“In the future, I’ll protect Daddy and Master!” Kye nodded eagerly before she turned to steal a glance at Celaine who was standing to the side. “And Fairy Lady as well.”

Celaine could not help but smile. This girl is simply too adorable.

“Greedy Wolf isn’t stable right now,” Peter Pan said. “We can’t anticipate when he’d come under the Demon King’s control. Right now, he’s an element of unpredictability.”

No matter how villainous Greedy Wolf was, he was still a friend from the same era he failed from, and someone whom he shared an extensive history with. With only the three of them left after so many years, he opined that Greedy Wolf ought to die by his hand and no one else’s should it come down to it.

In spite of harboring such a belief, Peter Pan knew that given the complicated circumstances at present, he could not afford to act rashly.

“We should exercise caution going forward.”

“The remnant of the Demon King’s spirit inside him, albeit just a sliver, has already demonstrated its potency. Correspondingly, we must find a way to strengthen ourselves,” Ethan said.

It was only through actual combat that Ethan became acutely aware of how powerful Greedy Wolf had now become, and how perhaps he might be the only one who would be able to stand against the latter.

It would therefore be extremely problematic should there ever be a day where Greedy Wolf fell completely under the influence of the remnant of the Demon King’s soul.

Concurring, the grim-faced Peter Pan nodded in assent.

“What about the Underworld?”

If not for his scheming, Kye wouldn’t have been captured, and her identity as that Source wouldn’t have been exposed. It’s all that Darius’s fault that Kye had almost run into trouble this time!

The very thought of that made Ethan’s simmer with murderous rage.


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