Billionaire God of War Chapter 2390

Chapter 2390

Someone like Darius should not be allowed to live!

Had he known that he was such an unscrupulous man who would stop at nothing to achieve his goals, Ethan would have offed him back then.

Owing to his own misplaced compassion, he would struggle to forgive himself should anything have happened to Jiang.

“You should go on and take Kye out of here first,” Ethan said.

“Alright.” Peter Pan met his gaze but asked no more as the fire raging inside the latter’s eyes already told him everything he needed to know.

Though Greedy Wolf was gone, Ethan still needed an outlet for his own anger. Since he was already here in the Underworld, he thought he might as well show the denizens here what real pain was.

Ethan about-turned and quickly vanished from sight.

“Are you going to let him go off on his own?” Celaine could not resist asking. “There are many powerful warriors in the Underworld, and it would not bode well for him should he ever find himself surrounded.”

Though Greedy Wolf has departed, those Court Chiefs themselves are no pushovers either. Most importantly, the vast number of men they have at their beck and call. Hence, no matter how powerful Ethan is, surely there is no way he can take on an army all by himself?

Peter Pan cast a glance her way.

“Who says that he’s in it on his own?” he snorted as if he was still upset with Celaine, in spite of the fact that he understood very well that some tragedy might already have befallen Kye had it not been for her timely intervention.

He opened his mouth, almost in apprehension. “This time, I owe you one.”

With that, Peter Pan led Kye away.

Not one for words, nothing he could string together in his own head sounded right to him. Hence, he simply left it at that, as Celaine understood what sort of person he was anyway.

Peter Pan’s antics had Celaine chuckling and shaking her head in amusement.

“What’s so hard about expressing your gratitude? Some things just never change with this guy.”

She did not take it to heart as this was less of a concern for her than Greedy Wolf’s whereabouts.

Come to think of it, Greedy Wolf’s no longer himself under the control of the remnant spirit of the Demon King, so there was no saying for sure what he might do next.

At some fundamental level, she still hoped that Greedy Wolf might still be somewhat conscious, as when compared to the Demon King in his entirety, that version of Greedy Wolf might still retain some measure of humanity.

Celaine sorted out her own emotions before she headed off in the direction that Greedy Wolf exited. It was in her esteem that if anyone who could save Greedy Wolf, she was it.

Meanwhile, Juan’s failure to check back in had Darius and those with him losing patience fast.

“What’s going on?” Darius fumed. “Why haven’t there been any updates?”

None of his subordinates dared to speak up.

As they knew the man’s temperament well, no one dared to run their mouth as all of them were equally clueless.

All his charges too were awaiting Darius’s orders, and ready for action whenever he commanded. Having said that, he himself was not sure when exactly to strike.

If Ethan did not show up to engage Greedy Wolf, and they did not both wear each other down, how was he to move against them?

Everything had been going swimmingly and according to plan unto this point, hence there was no way Darius could not have found the dearth of news upsetting.

“Useless fools, the lot of you!” he roared. “What about the other Court Chiefs? What’s their current status?”

I’ve not received any updates, so could that also be the case for the rest of them? Even though the Underworld’s a large place, it’s not exactly massive. Could that son of a bit*h Juan have taken Ethan drinking or something? Why hasn’t he sent any word yet?

“We don’t have anything to go on, Court Chief. I’ve sent someone out to the gates, but no one’s there.”

That subordinate was equal parts perturbed and perplexed.


Darius furrowed. We’re completely in the dark here. Could something have gone wrong somewhere?

That, would be the outcome that he least hoped for.

Without accurate intelligence, he was disinclined to act on a whim. The whole idea was to seize upon the scenario where both Greedy Wolf and Ethan were reduced to weakened states to maximize their own advantage. Were he to make his own entrance prematurely, Ethan would not have to lift a finger as even Greedy Wolf alone would be enough to do him in.


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