Billionaire God of War Chapter 2391

Chapter 2391

Such was Greedy Wolf’s nature that any form of betrayal would not sit well with him. That was something that Darius understood better than most.

“Vinny’s here.” A subordinate who ran in abruptly whispered into Darius’s ear.

“What’s he doing here?”

Why’s Vinny here calling on me when he should be leading his own people in their preparation to besiege Ethan and Greedy Wolf at this very moment?

Darius looked up when he saw Vinny approach. “Why are you here? Didn’t we agree to stick to the plan?”

The plan in question involved a collaboration between the Court Chiefs to besiege and avail themselves of Greedy Wolf and Ethan. Once the pair were out of the picture, the Court Chiefs would have the Underworld split amongst themselves and henceforth become free from any future threats against their hegemony.

Vinny seemed conflicted when he regarded him. “Juan’s dead!”

“What’s that you say?” Thunderstruck, Darius was under the impression that he might have misheard.

Juan is dead? How could he be when he just made contact with Ethan…

That brought Darius to a profound realization. “Was it Ethan?”

“Yes! Do you have any idea who you’re messing with?” Vinny asked coldly.

He had just received news that Ethan had been embroiled in a fierce battle with Greedy Wolf after he had located the latter. As opposed to wearing each other down, Greedy Wolf had instead escaped!

This basta*d Darius actually pissed off someone scarier than Greedy Wolf and now, the entire Underworld must face Ethan’s wrath!

Darius’s face fell. “So what? He’s just another mortal while we’re denizens of the Underworld. What are you so afraid of?”


His voice had barely trailed off when the gates were booted open from the outside. Darius looked over to see a man stewing with murderous intent, and covered in blood-stains all over.

It’s Ethan!

He stood as stoic as a supernatural being with his eyes fixated upon Darius in a way that made the latter’s heart sink.

Why has Ethan come?

“Greedy Wolf has escaped!”

Vinny gnashed his teeth as he had never imagined that this was how things would play out. He had betrayed both sides though he knew that Darius and the others would never stand a chance against Greedy Wolf, so this outcome was a thoroughly unexpected let-down.

Oh no, Ethan’s even tougher to deal with!

“Get him!”

Upon hearing that, Darius understood that things had truly gone south. This was nowhere close to what he had planned, so he dared not be careless in the slightest.

“Kill him immediately!” he roared. “There’s no need to fear because we have him far outnumbered!”

From the moment those words were uttered, Vinny knew that Darius had lost the plot.




The warriors shouted in unison while they collectively flooded toward Ethan like a tsunami that threatened to swallow him whole.

Ethan demonstrated no inclination to retreat. Not only did he exhibit no fear, but his murderous aura also surged with greater fervor.

For the longest time, Ethan had neither uninhibitedly unleashed his killer instincts nor had he desperately craved to. Now, he would let the rivers flow red!


Ethan was on the move!

The earth quaked amidst a thunderous boom when he stomped a foot upon the ground. In an instant, he had let himself loose in the masses like a wolf amongst sheep!


Three men were simultaneously sent flying with a single punch from Ethan. Their bodies were snapped in mid-air, and that killed them all instantly!

The color then drained from the faces of both Vinny and Darius.

What terrifying power!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Ethan was less a human than he was a rampaging man-shaped dragon. None were able to stand against the dance of his weaving fists.

In that brief sequence, he had culled more than a dozen in one fell swoop, and wails of agony echoed endlessly as the place was seemingly transformed into a slaughterhouse.

Initially, it was they who were supposed to be the ones hunting Ethan, but in that instant, the script was flipped. Some began to fear that it was they who were being hunted…


“My leg!”

“My eyes! Arghhhh!”

“Get him, all of you! Stop him!”

There was a lot of shouting, but no one amongst them could actually slow down Ethan.

Continuing to pound away at will with his murderous aura shot through the stratosphere, his eyes locked upon Darius as he closed in on the latter’s position, one step after another.


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