Billionaire God of War Chapter 2392

Chapter 2392

Immediately, Darius’s mood took a drastic turn.

“Stop him!” he roared and got his soldiers to rush forward and surround Ethan while Darius took this opportunity to retreat.

Darius had never expected Ethan to be this terrifying.

He wields such immense strength! It’s no wonder Greedy Wolf fled too. Why did I provoke a fellow like him?

“Kill him! Kill him!” Darius screamed as he pulled out his sword. “End his life right now!”

Following Darius’s orders, the swarm of soldiers surged toward Ethan. Despite their overwhelming numbers, Ethan had no intentions of retreating. They are all going to be dead meat!

Without hesitation, Ethan threw a punch that sent more than ten men hurtling into the air.


Upon Ethan’s ferocious punch, blood splattered everywhere.

He resembled a wolf in a sheep’s pen. With a single attack, the soldiers toppled like dominos.

As Ethan continued to massacre his adversaries, crimson blood coated the floor as his victims’ fearful wails echoed in the air. The entire scene looked like a picture straight out of hell.

Darius, who was watching from afar, felt a fearful shiver skitter down his spine. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected that Ethan would be so ruthless all because Darius had attempted to harm his daughter.

When Darius raised his head, he locked gazes with Ethan. The sharp gleam in Ethan’s eyes caused his heart to skip a beat.

Those eyes… They are filled with nothing but bloodthirstiness. It feels like he’s threatening to swallow me alive!

Darius couldn’t help but panic.

After all, even Juan had died in Ethan’s hands. Darius’s strength was only slightly more powerful than the now-deceased Juan. All of a sudden, realization dawned upon Darius. Things aren’t going according to plan; I’ve incurred the wrath of someone much scarier than Greedy Wolf.


“He’s the true Demon King!”

Out of the blue, panicked yells could be heard from the soldiers. They’d just witnessed their comrades being sliced into half by Ethan. Such a gory and bloodcurdling sight left the young fighters scared out of their wits. It was their first time seeing such a gruesome scene.

We aren’t the Underworld’s Demon Kings. Ethan is the one who’s the true Demon King here!

Right now, Ethan was using them to vent his anger.

I’ll never spare anyone who tries to mess with the person I love the most. Even God will not be safe from my wrath.

In mere seconds, dismembered corpses littered the ground.

All this time, Darius had been retreating. When he witnessed Ethan’s bloodbath, a palpable sense of fear rose in his heart.

He whipped his head around to order his men, “Come and protect me! Quick!”

Promptly, the soldiers around him moved to encircle Darius. Although he was in the middle of their protection circle, his safety still felt threatened. Truthfully, Darius was ready to evacuate the area. However, his prestige would turn into shambles if he fled in front of his soldiers.

Deep down, Darius was seething with resentment. His plans had been derailed because Greedy Wolf fled the scene instead of battling against Ethan.

All around the battlefield, cries of anguish echoed in the air as Ethan continued to slaughter the soldiers mercilessly.

When Darius snapped out of his daze, he found out that over one-third of his subordinates had been slain.

I can’t believe so many of my men died because of Ethan.

They were no match at all against Ethan.

“Chief, you should flee.”

“This man is too formidable for us. We can’t stop him at all!”

“Chief, please leave right now! Quick!”

With a single glance, Darius could see the unadulterated fear painted across his subordinate’s faces. One by one, the soldiers were falling victim to Ethan’s violence. If this continued, all of them would be slaughtered.

A dark look loomed across Darius’s face as he gritted his teeth in anger.

“I won’t leave!” he thundered in an attempt to boost the morale of his soldiers. “I will fight and die alongside my men!”

Darius raised his voice on purpose because he wanted everyone to hear him. “Ethan, stop this at once. I will kill you if you continue with this!”

Darius’s voice was loud enough that it carried across the battlefield. Nevertheless, his words seemed to go in one ear and out of the other.

No matter how motivating he sounded, there was nowhere close to Ethan’s horrifying actions.

How could they turn a blind eye to the corpses in front of them?

Furthermore, the soldiers could feel their comrades’ warm blood on their skin. This unsettling feeling could not be forgotten just because Darius made a speech.


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