Billionaire God of War Chapter 2393

Chapter 2393

On the other hand, Ethan didn’t even bat an eye when he heard Darius’s threat. Such nonsense. He’s just bluffing.

Ethan continued to make his way toward Darius. When Darius witnessed Ethan’s unfaltering steps, his heart leaped to his throat.

Anyone who tried to stop Ethan ended up dead.

As Ethan drew closer, Darius began to panic like a headless chicken.

“Chief, you need to flee now! It will be too late if you keep hesitating.”


All around Darius, his subordinates urged him to run. Similarly, the sight of Ethan coming closer left them stricken with fear.

Despite living in the Underworld for all these years, they had never encountered a being as terrifying as Ethan before.

Even Greedy Wolf was not as menacing as the man before them.

Just as Darius was in the midst of his hesitation, a shadow flashed in front of him. Bang! In the blink of an eye, the soldier standing in front of Darius collapsed to the floor.

When Darius looked down, he found himself face-to-face with the soldier’s lifeless eyes. Furthermore, the soldier’s body had been contorted to the point where it was unrecognizable.

Darius’s body froze up. It felt as if he’d been struck by lightning—he was shaken to his very core.

“Go!” his subordinate cried out again.

This time, Darius followed the advice. I’ll be dead meat if I stay here any longer!

Although he’d said that he would fight alongside his soldiers, Darius had no intention of sacrificing himself.

Without a second thought, he spun on his heel and took off. A few of his trusted aides quickly guarded him as they sped toward the exit.

When the rest of the soldiers saw Darius fleeing with his tail between his legs, they became utterly dejected. Even though they were risking their lives to protect Darius, he abandoned them without any hesitation.

Earlier, he even bragged that he’d join us in battle…

Upon realizing that Darius had left them, the soldiers’ movements began to slow down. There were even a few people who trailed their leader. Now that they’d lost their motivation to fight, they decided to save themselves instead.


A single punch from Ethan broke through the fighters’ defenses.

It looks like they have given up.

Not wanting to waste any more time, he ignored the fleeing soldiers and hurtled toward Darius.

He must die!

Ethan’s speed was as fast as light. It didn’t take him long to catch up with Darius.

“Stop him!” Darius screamed at his subordinates. He hastened his pace toward the exit. I need to get away as soon as possible. Ethan won’t stop until I’m dead.

Darius’s subordinates let out a battle cry as they leaped toward Ethan. However, Ethan defeated them without even breaking a sweat.

What a b*stard!

He did not spare them a second glance. All this time, Ethan’s glare was fixated intensely on Darius’s retreating back. Even from afar, Darius could feel the weight of his stare.

“Run!” When Darius heard the anguished cries of his subordinates, he instantly knew that they had lost their lives.

He didn’t dare to turn around. If I look back, Ethan will capture me!

“How is this even possible? How is he so strong?” Darius mumbled under his breath.

Initially, he planned to use Ethan’s strength against Greedy Wolf. Although his predictions about Ethan’s tremendous power were correct, Darius’s plans had been derailed because Ethan’s power greatly exceeded his expectations.

Darius shook his head to clear his thoughts. Stop thinking about that right now! I need to focus on escaping from this terrifying man first.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Suddenly, a cold voice echoed beside Darius’s ear. In an instant, his entire body froze up like stone.

This menacing voice belonged to none other than Ethan himself.

In a haze of desperation, Darius brandished his sword against Ethan. Yet, his blade merely slashed through empty air.


Without warning, Ethan threw a punch toward Darius, who whirled around to meet the attack.

“Since you want to kill me, I’ll end your life too!” Darius stabbed his sword at Ethan’s fist. Nevertheless, the latter made no move to dodge the blade. Instead, his punch collided against the metal blade as the deafening sound of explosion rang in the air.

Much to Darius’s dismay, his sword shattered into pieces.

Promptly, Ethan’s fist collided against Darius’s exposed chest. The sudden impact caused a dent in Darius’s body.


Darius let out a pained cry as his body was sent flying into the air. Crimson blood began to spew out of his mouth.

Excruciating pain shot through his body when he fell to the floor again. It felt like the punch had broken every single bone in his body.

What a devastating attack.


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